So, with an estimated 250 million blogs out there, I gotta’ find a way to get noticed.  Have I got this right?  Ok.  Challenge accepted!  My name’s Blaise (pronounced “Bull A’s”).

About 4 years ago, I began daydreaming about my ideal career.  A jobthat filled me with so much joy, that receiving pay for it left me feeling depressed and guilty.   A dedicated worrier and welder by trade, I began to dream like I hadn’t in years.  I envisioned a magical world that could be out there waiting.  I used to hate hearing people say, “Anything’s possible if you put your mind to it!”  Just typing it makes me tense.  It’s so cliche, and sounds like something only a rich,educated, or happy person would say.  However, I have come to learn that many many many more things are possible than you realize with a simple, mental shift. Sure, I don’t believe I could ever be Prime Minister – but do I believe I can build a blog and gain some followers?  Damn right I do, and hope to do so much more with BullWit!

Through one source or another, you have been conditioned  for most of your life, and this is where you are today. You didn’t even realize this conditioning sinking into your precious, vulnerable, young subconscious mind, but it was happening at an astonishing rate! We believe what we are told to believe. “You’re going to be qualified to do that career; you’re going to live here; you’re going to follow these laws; you’re going to believe in this deity.” Everyone – teachers, parents, siblings, peers, Mickey Mouse, Father John – they gave you their opinion of what they believed to be right. This makes it hard forming new beliefs for yourself down the road. We are essentially conditioned to conform. We conform to societal norms, preset standards, expectations, and beliefs. Many become victimized by this conformity, failing to step outside of their comfort zones to explore their dreams – not someone else’s.

Anything and everything are simply not possible, let’s be honest here.  I don’t care how good your visualization, prayer, or self-talking skills are – you reap what you sow.  But with some self-awareness, untouchable faith, and a pretty cool idea, you could open up a huge golden door you failed to see before!  Having this burning desire to connect to people, through creativity, laughter, and genuine empathy are what inspired me to start this venture!

Experiences were meant to be shared, and I strongly encourage anyone who has a story (we ALL do!) to share it!  When we leave this physical earth we should want to be remembered for something amazing!  I want people to know that there’s a lot more to most people than meets the eye, and we should always appreciate and express our God-given gifts.

You know all of those ideas that keep poppin’ into your head, that you wanna’ turn into something amazing, but you keep dismissing as quiet, silly voices?  That’s you!  That’s your conscious intuition tellin’ you stuff!  So, put everything down on paper – that’s the first step!   Record that sh*t before you forget – ‘cuz you may never get it back!   (Trrrust me!)

Having bumped heads with the grim reaper a few times has led me to live a much more meaningful life, taking none of it for granted.  I know this game of life isn’t going to last long enough for me to reach all of my goals, but as long as I’m hittin’ some of ‘em – suuWWEEEEEEETT!!

It is my hope that, after building awesome relationships and trust with my followers, I will become a part of your daily routine.  In a rut?  Check me out!  Out of a job?  Check me out!  Feelin’ like a piece of you-know-what?  Check me out!  Need an emotional pick-me-up? Check me out!  It is my 100% GUARANTEE to you, my faithful, much-appreciated family of followers, that if you leave my blog feeling worse than when you came, I will be extremely, extremely surprised.


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