It’s Not Polite to have Secrets…they said.

Back in 2009’ish, I came across a pretty little book called #thesecret, by Rhonda Byrne. While many of the messages are to be taken with a grain of salt, it still has many good points! I remember feeling so bloody free when I found that book. However, I was also quite pissed off at myself. Apparently I am the one who created every part of my life! Personally, I don’t think I “attracted” EVERY single happening; but I am responsible for the LACK of happenings which I DO want….to HAPPEN! The Secret is kind of a no-brainer – think happy, feel happy. It’s as simple as that (except it’s not!). There are always gonna’ be events in our lives that raise us up, or smash us into the ground. Many of these situations are unavoidable, and merely a part of life. However, ATTITUDE (and perception) is what gets me through many of my hardships. Having a positive attitude isn’t easy. Many may think that they are pretty positive – but really, they’re not. They’re negative pricks who don’t know it. Nobody wants to admit that they’re feeling crappy, or depressed, or just not lovin’ life like they once did! For many, they feel like a FAILURE if they are not happy – especially if they have a family and/or kids. That’s why so many (usually) men will kill themselves. THAT unforgettable, selfish act is much easier than admitting sadness or defeat. Maybe we’re all partly to blame for that, but the DECISION is ultimately ours.
Further, I find it interesting how everyone’s response to “How are you?” is the same. “I’m good…..u?” Even before, if I were feeling HORRIBLE and someone asked how I was – I’d say “I’m good”, or “I’m great”, meanwhile I feel like a Oscar the Grouch and wanna’ bite someone’s head off. Few will really tell the truth about their feelings. “George, I feel very bad, and I wish I had a friend to talk to.” Then your friend takes two steps back. lol People look at you funny if you admit weakness, or depression, or any NON “normal” thing – and many will even stop associating with you! This stigma seems to be especially true for men, too. We are not allowed to be anything but strong, burly, confident, and knowledgeable on how to fix just about anything. This mindset, sadly, applies to some of the closest people in our lives: friends, family, coworkers, etc.
That’s kinda’ where we are as a society, I think. I’m glad a lot of this New Age thinking has allowed me to take a step back, and try to view the big, bullsh*t picture from a different perspective. I’m truly grateful for having CONSCIOUSLY decided to take control of my life through my thoughts. We all tend to think our thoughts run us, and we are just on autopilot 24/7. Our subconscious beliefs control so much of our lives (like, over 90%!), and I think that’s why so many people are unhappy today – they’ve just got years of poor programs in their minds! Personally, I’ve got a lot of reprogramming to do, but I’m up for the challenge. They say most humans use such a small portion of our brain power – less than 10% (I think!?). Really makes me wonder – what could we all do with that other 90%?! Have a damn good Friday, everyone, and I hope you’re all happy (and I mean that!) 🙂 Peace! – Blaise, Bullwits

Interracial Relationships and the END of YOU!

Do you know what your #ethnic background consists of?  I do, and I’d like to think that most do.  Growing up, I seen mostly white people in my home.  While I was used to seeing several other cultures in public, I just never really asked a whole lot of questions at first.  Then, about the age of 8, I recall seeing my first mismatched couple:  a black dude with a blond, white chic!  I was utterly shocked and #confused, and believed THIS could/would potentially be the end of me….the end of YOU…..the end of us ALL!!  Boy, I’m so glad I was wrong.

Growing up, I seen lots of #relationships.  I seen a lot of love, laughter, sharing, caring, kissing, child-making (I didn’t actually SEE this part!), and respect.  It was my belief that I would marry a blond haired girl one day, with blue eyes.  If, as a kid, you were to tell me I MIGHT be marrying someone OUT of my ethnic comfort zone, I would have laughed.  Honestly, I likely would have been a bit offended.  Now, I don’t mean that in a cocky way either, mind you!  It would have been just a weird, unacceptable notion for me at that time.    

Like most cultures, I was brought up to believe we marry those much like ourselves.  Typically, that meant the SAME skin color and beliefs.  I believed it was WRONG to date someone from another #culture because there would be conflicting #beliefs, #values, #attitudes, and other things.  I have learned that many OTHER cultures even feel this same way – that we should “stick with our own kind.”   That, in itself, is a very #racist statement, I feel.  While there are many benefits to dating someone with the same cultural #background as you, there’s no law saying you have to! 

Personally, I used to believe it was wrong to date another #race solely for #reproductive purposes.  I don’t know about you and your hue – but I like being white!  But If my mom told me today that I’m half #Mexican, I would gladly wear a sombrero and celebrate that new knowledge!  But before, I just didn’t think it was “right” to have mixed babies.  That’s putting it bluntly, of course.  I find #elders to be most insensitive to this change, too.  Perhaps there is a fear that, with #combining TWO cultures, one of them is going to #suffer.  Further, the poor children have to grow up as half-this and half-that, stripping them of their true origins.  Bull!  Bull!!  Bull!!!  While I do believe in the important of understanding our culture and history, we have to remember our world NOW is much different than 100 years ago.  

Technology has allowed for some amazing things in our lives.  One of the biggest changes that I have seen is in our #freedom to #information and #communication.  It is so easy now to talk to anyone in the world, even from the privacy of your own toilet!  We all knew this change was coming as soon as we began communicating more freely with our fellow, far-off earthlings.  Technology has allowed us to fully understand the world’s diversity better, and have direct contact with almost anyone in the world.  

None of us are perfect – even if someone has told you that you are.  When I think of difference races dating, and making MIXED families, I am now filled with joy, acceptance, and LOVE!  I feel shame for ever  #judging someone based on their culture, skin color, or #dating preference.  Who the hell am I, or you (or anyone!) to tell someone else who they can or can’t LOVE??  That just sounds so insane!  Sadly, there will always be those (usually old, cold, inflexible people!) who don’t agree.  Many fear we will LOSE our sense of #identity, or #heritage, if we mix up our genes.  Bull.  We are not losing ANYTHING by creating a human life with someone from another race!  We are GAINING much, in fact.  We are showing #future civilizations that love is love, no matter where you are from, what you speak, or how you LOOK!  The world is not going to suffer or be divided by mixing up our cultures; the world is suffering because of our mixed up, contradictory #beliefs and #expectations.  Ultimately, we all want HAPPINESS out of life, right??  I feel that learning, accepting, having empathy and compassion ARE the ways to a better world.  Just because we don’t understand something, doesn’t mean it ISN’T right…..right??    Thank you for your time.  🙂



The World is going to END at 12pm today….

So I just found out that the #world is going to end in 20 mins, so i gotta’ hurry.   My last message to humanity:  Hmmm….always be good to eachother! I think #RESPECT is the most important word to #humanity, which we need to embrace and display always.  The world has been good to me, and good to most.  Even if you’ve had a crumby life, at least you HAD life!  Many complain about their lives, and point the blame at circumstances more than looking deep within themselves for the source.  I wish for all the people in my #life to know how much they’ve added to my beautiful experience while here.  I even cherish my few enemies that I have had, as you have #taught me much also.  Aside from my family and my children, the most incredible part of LIVING, are the experiences.  I have had far more joyous experiences in life than regrettable ones, and each make up who I am.  I am not sure if earth will rebuild itself after this #asteroid hits, but I have #faith!  Humanity needs to stop being so #GREEDY and start being more considerate, and living more selflessly.  Many of our problems today stem from #selfishness.  We are all created equal, but our ego sometimes gets in the way and makes us want  to appear better.  I want to thank #God, and the #Universe for providing all of THIS for me – for US – and allowing me to live a damn good life!  I wish #peace for all of humanity, and for future #civilizations.  I would like to remind, also, that we only have one physical shot at life.  You are here to DO, and not merely exists.  Pick something to do in life that gives you #joy, #honour, and respect, and never let anyone run YOUR one and only life.  In ending, I wish you all the best of luck in the future, and I hope you learn much about this once beautiful planet earth.  I wish for you all to always love your brothers and sisters #equally; neighbours, coworkers, strangers – everyone!!  Somewhere in time, us humans got way off our #divine paths and started living such narcissistic lives, forgetting about everyone else.  I think if we all treated others the same way WE would like to be treated, we would be much better off.  But that is not our #reality now.  We live in a ME-world”, and that is horrible!  We are most familiar with our own cultures and family – true.  But we are ALL related; we all abide by the same universal LOVE, and I hope this is realized before it is too late!  God bless you all and thank you for contributing to the goodness of humankind.   #bullwits

Is your husband or wife REALLY your “Best Friend”?

Finding #love is an awesome #feeling, wouldn’t you agree?  You know right away the #emotions – the way your heart flutters, and how you can’t stop thinking about them 24/7.  You just KNOW in your heart when you have found the one!  But for many, they claim that their “soulmate”, wife, husband, whatever – is theirbest friend.”  I find that bull.  I also think men and women will not fully agree on this topic.  

Meeting your match is a good feeling; it’s one of those bucket list items that just makes us feel complete.  But does it really COMPLETE you?  Is your significant other really your BEST friend??  C’mon!  While I think it’s an amazing feeling being in love, I wish not to lie to myself.  A best friend is not your husband, or wife, in my opinion.  Most (husbands) who tell their partners that are just trying to scoop up some points and secure some late-night lovin’.  I think both spouses and bff’s DO share some common traits – but they are not the same!  When I think of my best friends, for instance, I think of TIME.  How LONG have I known them, and what is their overall contribution to this whole game of (my) life?  For me, a best friend is someone I consider to be much like myself; like a long-lost brother (or sister).  A best friend would die for you, and you can tell them ANYYYthing, knowing your secret is safe.  Although many WANT their partner’s to confide everything in THEM, it’s just not the case.  I know many husband who keep all sorts of things from their wives, and vice versa.  Wives might argue, “Well I’m your wife, ’til death to us ‘part, so that means I MUST know everything about you.”  

While I would never deny anyone claiming that their spouse IS truly their BEST FRIEND, I just think it’s unlikely.  Many tell their lovers that they are not just in love – “we are BEST friends!”  Women love telling other women that too, so they all go “awww” in #envy.  I’ve heard very few husbands refer to their wives as “friends” to their buddies, for instance…let alone BEST ones!  It’s just a completely different set of circumstances and #emotions (Nothing personal, sweety!!)  I think people will never see eye-to-eye on this subject, but it needs to be brought up.  While I don’t think this testament is going to shake-up anyone’s relationships (at least I hope not!), I do think we need to be true to ourselves, and those we care about.  All of our friends in life play a vital part in our happiness, and it’s important to always acknowledge their role.  Having found ones “soulmate” is truly a magical feeling.  But don’t try to over-secure your relationship by making your partner into someone that they just are not.  

Impractical Jokers: Motivational mayhem!

Well I just said I don’t wish to rely on anything or anyone to #entertain me, but I sorta’ lied.  I’m sorry.  I DO watch a little bit of #television, but usually only programs that inspire me.  The tv show “Impractical Jokers” does a lot more than merely entertain me.  

The funny, hidden camera/practical reality show started in 2011, and stars 4 lifelong friends – Sal, Q, Murr, and my man – Joe!  Prior to discovering this program, I seldom watched tv.  The last time I was hooked on a #comedy program was back in 2000-2005, when #SNL (Saturday Night Live) was much better than it is today (miss you, #Farley!).  I first learned of Impractical Jokers around the summertime of 2016.  I have been hooked on it ever since! 

These four guys are all so similar, yet so very different as well.  But they all share the same twisted, unique sense of humour.   One thing I find incredible is just the way HUMOUR seems to lift our spirits.  Many comedians, even, have admitted that humour has literally SAVED their lives, adding brightness and hope to bleak circumstances.  #impracticaljokers has saved me, too!  I have had some down-days, prior to sitting down with the boys from Staten Island, New York.  As an artist myself, I take pride in amusing people also, and motivating them to excel at that which makes them feel fulfilled.   Further, I like doing it in a weird, freakish way!  These guys really inspire me to get over many of my silly fears.  Especially JOE – that guy is crazy!!  He is utterly fearless in the face of any challenge, and Joe seldom gets embarrassed.  All of them are courageous, but I think I resonate most with Joe.  I love the way he is so weird, and just stares blankly at unsuspecting targets. 

I have always worried much about what others thought of me.  Way too much, in fact.  These guys have taught me that it’s ok to be different, and NOT worry about judgement by others.    While I have never seen myself as an actor, I have wanted to do #socialexperiments to get a better understanding of #humanity.  The four Impractical Jokers – Sal, Murr, Q. and Joe – have truly touched my life and made me laugh like I have not laughed in many years!  Thank you so much, boys!   I would love to see you do a #Canadian tour sometime!  God bless you all!

Blaise #Bullwits


Facebook, privacy protection: It’s just BUSINESS…?

Ok, so I just started another Facebook account.  I have my usual, boring one…but I’m turning over a new bunch of LEAVES, and am heading in a different direction.  So, I wanted to branch out of my comfort zone and separate my personal and professional lives.  I got my facebook up, had a photo, and even some followers.  Things were feeling really good!!  Then the creative, crazy train came to a sudden halt; it hasn’t moved since yesterday.  

I was told I was temporarily locked out of my facebook, “Blaise Bullwits” as a security precaution.  It said it had to verify my photo or some bull.  You know how easy it is to get photos of people, though?  I’m sure many could steal my images and use them quite easily.  I don’t know why they had locked me out of this account, however.  I thought I had the password wrong, so kept retrying, and requested a new password many times.  Imagine if I had a huge business running off my facebook?  The part that I find most frustrating is getting in touch with facebook.  They are a huge company, all over the world, operating 24/7….but it’s next to impossible to get in touch with a member of the facebook staff.  I know they must get countless messages everyday, so I’m just trying to be patient, and look on the bright side.  There’s always a plan B.  If there’s not, you should always HAVE  a plan B!   🙂

Before I Rant: Plagiarism


How’s your Monday going?  Good?  Good.  I’m glad.  Sorry for stealing this baby photo, btw.  I just found it in google search….kinda’ displays my current state of being.  So I came here hoping to vent about #FB (which I will do momentarily!), but then I stumbled into some more bull.  I don’t know if it’s just spam, or whatever, but it irritated me, nonetheless.  I don’t usually read my message which I get via WordPress, ‘cuz they’re usually weirdly worded and likely computer-generated.  But I read this one message and I wish I hadn’t!   

“I have checked your site and i’ve found some
duplicate content, that’s why you don’t rank high in google,
but there is a tool that can help you to create 100% unique articles.”

First of all, you don’t know me!  lol  One thing I take pride in is being the weird person that I am!  I wasn’t always this way; I used to hate being centered out for being “different”.  Not now.  I’m gonna’ soar with my unique traits; I’ll be like the bald eagle, with one wing, a mullet, and a !  *drawing to follow*   

True Story:  Grade 11.  Friday’s here, and our History essay’s are due.  We all scurried to put our completed papers in the plastic box thingy on Mr. Hindler’s desk.  I never really liked #History much, but I did the best I could.  I figured, based on my efforts and general knowledge of the subject, I’d get around a 70-75%.  The following Monday, my classmate Stew Pidd, handed me MY essay…and he said “I appreciate it!”.  Then he belted out in a drunken-like laugh.  We BOTH lost 10% for being bloody LATE!  The biggest nutcracker was yet to come, however.  

That Friday, the essays were all marked, and we sat at our desks, waiting for the historic news.  When he got to me, Mr. Hindler’s smile seemed to….change.  He didn’t look happy, as he typically was.  This weird shift in him made me reconsider my optimism with this research paper.  Lacking confidence, I confidently and casually scrolled to the back page, where the grade usually was.  Sometimes there were additional comments by the teacher, such as “Good Job!”  or “Briliant outlook!”, or even just a big “WOW!”  All of those were better than what he wrote on mine.   I forget exactly, but he basically said:  “Interesting paper.   Oddly, your paper is very similar to Mr. Pidd’s.  Did you work on your essays together?  #Plagiarism is an #Academic offense…”.  I I forget how he ended it; it wasn’t with a smile, I know that.  

I was quite angry, but never really told Stew how mad I was.  Apparently his paper had something similar written on it.  I just shook my head at him.  He just had that stupid smile on, but I sensed he felt a bit bad.  To this day, I never told anyone, or even Mr. Hindler.  It wasn’t gonna’ solve anything, and would just put me in a weird predicament with my “buddy.”  Some people are just ignorant, and selfish in desperate times.  I didn’t take it personally, I just am surprised he didn’t pick one of the smart GIRLS’ essays!  haha  Seriously.  Also, why wouldn’t he change it up a bit??  Omg, dude.  That’s why it bothered me getting a notification that my content is DUPLICATE!  I wish there were someone else out there like me!  I think we would make great #business partners!  But if anyone finds THEIR material on my blog, I’ll give you $100!  lol  I do use photos from the #public domain, but I never said they were MINE!!  

In ending, just to say that being an original is the only way to be.  Although we are influenced by OTHERS, we eventually have to think for OURselves, and have out own voice.  I think plagiarism is an interesting and unfortunate concept, and it’s commonly #artists who are victimized.  I will never forget being accused for copying Stew’s essay.  It definitely made me realize the importance of credibility, loyalty, and punctuality.  Don’t be a #copycat.  

When FEAR Leads to ACTION!!

BULLWITS, Blaise (Francis) – Passed away on February 8, 2015 at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, in his 35th year after a long-fought battle with #Procrastinating.  Loving husband of 3 years to Ana.   Beloved #Father to Danielle, Dylan, and Ryan.  Cherished Uncle to over thirty nieces and nephews. Favourite son to Ed and Bette.   Favourite brother to many siblings.  Blaise will be missed by many in the Creative Arts and Personal Development #communities, where he was slowly trying to make himself known.  At Blaise’s request, cremation has taken place and he will be scattered from a mountain top.  Visitation will be on Friday, from 2pm-4:20pm at the McRyan Funeral Home in Toronto.  A memorial service will be held at the Church on Feb. 13, 2015 at 10 am. Memorial donations can be made to the #Cancer Society, or a #charity of your choice which promotes human welfare.  Lest we forget.   #howgreatethouart

To my Daughter…

Dear #Daughter:

I know you are going through a hard time right now. When I look into your eyes, I see something eating you up inside.  #Life has been very weird lately, and we seem to be drifting apart. I never want this!! We have talked a lot about relationships, and family, and I never want you to think I don’t want you in my life. I wish I could see you every single day, but that is not possible now. I only see you once a month, and that eats me up bigtime! You have no idea.

Many “weekend Dads” are ok seeing their child once or twice a month – but not me. When I separated from your mom, it was very difficult. Walking out of that house was the hardest thing I have ever had to do!! I know you were so young when I left, and I always worried you would feel you did something to contribute to that.

About 6 months ago, you began telling me things that really shocked me, and I was preparing for HUGE changes in my life, and yours. But as of lately, you seem much different. I’m not sure if it’s YOU, or if you are being negatively persuaded in any way. I seriously hope not. Were it not for my Dad, Grampa, noticing, I likely wouldn’t be as bothered by this change. I know it must be so hard coming from a split family, and I am so sorry! When you were born, I never imagined seeing you so little, because I was the stay-at-home parents for your first 2 years of life. I wasn’t like most Dad’s, who went to work, came home, kissed their kids, and slept.

One of my greatest joys in LIFE, is getting to be there for you during that time, as an infant. I always want you to know you can tell me ANYTHING in confidence. You are a lot like me, sweety, and I know you don’t like opening up with your emotions. But I will help you with that, as I am learning how peaceful it feels to express yourself and your feelings. If I had one wish, it would be to be able to see you everyday! I miss watching you open your eyes in the morning, and preparing your breakfast. I miss going on #school trips, and picking you up in your classroom at 3:30pm. I miss getting your evening bath ready, and brushing your hair. I wish I could be the last face you saw before you slept at night, too. I don’t mean to sound selfish, but you are the love of my life! You will not understand the complexity of relationships for many years, but I know you are smart. I’ve known that you are much like, since you were a child. You are creative, selfless, and so funny!! There is noone else like you on this planet, and I want you to always realize your greatness!

You likely won’t read this for several years, but I know you will one day. Life truly is beautiful. But were it not for the #RELATIONSHIPS, it would seem empty. You are such an amazing human being, my daughter, and I will make sure you reach your God-given #potential one day! I can’t thank you enough for coming into my life, and making me the happiest #father imaginable! You are my EVERYTHING.

Love Always and Forever n’ ever….


Steven Wright: Weird Motivation…

“I’m writing a book.  I’ve got the page numbers done.”  S. Wright

So I’m very new to social media, and very new to #Instagram – but I’m starting to love it!  For years, I have taken the power of the internet for granted, and CHOSE to stay in my own little bubble.  But with 2018 here, I’m bursting that damn bubble, and gettin’ outta’ this “comfort zone”, where I have CHOSEN to stay for so long.  My life was drastically changed a few days ago, when I had one of my lifelong idols like one of my posts on Instagram.  His name is @StevenWright. 

I love this (ABOVE) quote by Steven.  It reminds me of the way I USED TO be a bad procrastinator.  I actually think it’s a good idea, to write out all of the page numbers as a means of motivation!  LOL

Steven Wright is a #comedian from Massachusetts.  My brother first showed me his acts when I was 16.  I didn’t find it funny at first.  Steven was just…..weird.  He wasn’t like most comedians:  dramatic, loud, insulting, or sweaty from energetic movements.  He just slowly paced the stage, saying things in a his trademark, deep, smooth, monotone voice.  It wasn’t until I actually listened to the words coming out of his mouth, that I realized how remarkable this man truly is!  He  wasn’t harsh, or bold.  He was just weird…but a GREAT weird!  Some of the weirdest, yet funniest stuff I have ever heard in my life came from this man’s mouth.  He has been in movies, and all over comedy networks, and has a face and personality most can easily recognize.   I have had the pleasure of seeing him live once in London, Ontario, and it was more entertaining than any show I have ever been to!   

His #uniqueness and eccentric nature truly do #inspire me, and it should inspire YOU, too!  I try to do things a bit differently than most, because I think i’m pretty unique and weird.   Also, people generally get tired of the same stuff rather quickly.  When I first came across Mr. Wright as a vulnerable teen, it was awesome to see a celebrity much like the way I viewed myself:  a bit different from the rest!  Throughout history there have been few, if any, comedians who mastered this performance style like Steven has.  He gives you the joke, but makes you work a little to figure out the punchline.  Some likely never figure out his jokes (their loss).  For example:  “Hermits have no peer pressure”, or “Snakes have no arms, that’s why they don’t wear vests.”  Who in their right mind would come up with this stuff??  Nooobody!!!  It takes a mad, bold genius to come up with original stuff like Steven Wright has.  To say he thinks outside of box is a severe understatement.  This guy ain’t NEAR the box – and that is just awesome!  He is an ORIGINAL #success, indeed!  

Many worry about the opinions of others, especially myself.  But after seeing Steven Wright LIKE  and follow me – it sparked something in me!  I don’t wanna’ go through life merely following and blending in with societal norms and average Joe’s.  America poet Herman Melville once said:  “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”  This is beautifully accurate, especially in today’s instant, fast-fix, copy-cat world!  I wanna’ do MY thing, and NOT worry about what others might think of me.  Maybe I’ll make it BIG; maybe I’ll stay little.  The one thing I want most, however, is to stay true to who I am and fulfill my purpose in the weird way I choose!   

Random Amusement & Creative Inspiration