It’s Not Polite to have Secrets…they said.

Back in 2009’ish, I came across a pretty little book called #thesecret, by Rhonda Byrne. While many of the messages are to be taken with a grain of salt, it still has many good points! I remember feeling so bloody free when I found that book. However, I was also quite pissed off at myself. Apparently I am the one who created every part of my life! Personally, I don’t think I “attracted” EVERY single happening; but I am responsible for the LACK of happenings which I DO want….to HAPPEN! The Secret is kind of a no-brainer – think happy, feel happy. It’s as simple as that (except it’s not!). There are always gonna’ be events in our lives that raise us up, or smash us into the ground. Many of these situations are unavoidable, and merely a part of life. However, ATTITUDE (and perception) is what gets me through many of my hardships. Having a positive attitude isn’t easy. Many may think that they are pretty positive – but really, they’re not. They’re negative pricks who don’t know it. Nobody wants to admit that they’re feeling crappy, or depressed, or just not lovin’ life like they once did! For many, they feel like a FAILURE if they are not happy – especially if they have a family and/or kids. That’s why so many (usually) men will kill themselves. THAT unforgettable, selfish act is much easier than admitting sadness or defeat. Maybe we’re all partly to blame for that, but the DECISION is ultimately ours.
Further, I find it interesting how everyone’s response to “How are you?” is the same. “I’m good…..u?” Even before, if I were feeling HORRIBLE and someone asked how I was – I’d say “I’m good”, or “I’m great”, meanwhile I feel like a Oscar the Grouch and wanna’ bite someone’s head off. Few will really tell the truth about their feelings. “George, I feel very bad, and I wish I had a friend to talk to.” Then your friend takes two steps back. lol People look at you funny if you admit weakness, or depression, or any NON “normal” thing – and many will even stop associating with you! This stigma seems to be especially true for men, too. We are not allowed to be anything but strong, burly, confident, and knowledgeable on how to fix just about anything. This mindset, sadly, applies to some of the closest people in our lives: friends, family, coworkers, etc.
That’s kinda’ where we are as a society, I think. I’m glad a lot of this New Age thinking has allowed me to take a step back, and try to view the big, bullsh*t picture from a different perspective. I’m truly grateful for having CONSCIOUSLY decided to take control of my life through my thoughts. We all tend to think our thoughts run us, and we are just on autopilot 24/7. Our subconscious beliefs control so much of our lives (like, over 90%!), and I think that’s why so many people are unhappy today – they’ve just got years of poor programs in their minds! Personally, I’ve got a lot of reprogramming to do, but I’m up for the challenge. They say most humans use such a small portion of our brain power – less than 10% (I think!?). Really makes me wonder – what could we all do with that other 90%?! Have a damn good Friday, everyone, and I hope you’re all happy (and I mean that!) 🙂 Peace! – Blaise, Bullwits

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