The World is going to END at 12pm today….

So I just found out that the #world is going to end in 20 mins, so i gotta’ hurry.   My last message to humanity:  Hmmm….always be good to eachother! I think #RESPECT is the most important word to #humanity, which we need to embrace and display always.  The world has been good to me, and good to most.  Even if you’ve had a crumby life, at least you HAD life!  Many complain about their lives, and point the blame at circumstances more than looking deep within themselves for the source.  I wish for all the people in my #life to know how much they’ve added to my beautiful experience while here.  I even cherish my few enemies that I have had, as you have #taught me much also.  Aside from my family and my children, the most incredible part of LIVING, are the experiences.  I have had far more joyous experiences in life than regrettable ones, and each make up who I am.  I am not sure if earth will rebuild itself after this #asteroid hits, but I have #faith!  Humanity needs to stop being so #GREEDY and start being more considerate, and living more selflessly.  Many of our problems today stem from #selfishness.  We are all created equal, but our ego sometimes gets in the way and makes us want  to appear better.  I want to thank #God, and the #Universe for providing all of THIS for me – for US – and allowing me to live a damn good life!  I wish #peace for all of humanity, and for future #civilizations.  I would like to remind, also, that we only have one physical shot at life.  You are here to DO, and not merely exists.  Pick something to do in life that gives you #joy, #honour, and respect, and never let anyone run YOUR one and only life.  In ending, I wish you all the best of luck in the future, and I hope you learn much about this once beautiful planet earth.  I wish for you all to always love your brothers and sisters #equally; neighbours, coworkers, strangers – everyone!!  Somewhere in time, us humans got way off our #divine paths and started living such narcissistic lives, forgetting about everyone else.  I think if we all treated others the same way WE would like to be treated, we would be much better off.  But that is not our #reality now.  We live in a ME-world”, and that is horrible!  We are most familiar with our own cultures and family – true.  But we are ALL related; we all abide by the same universal LOVE, and I hope this is realized before it is too late!  God bless you all and thank you for contributing to the goodness of humankind.   #bullwits

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