Steven Wright: Weird Motivation…

“I’m writing a book.  I’ve got the page numbers done.”  S. Wright

So I’m very new to social media, and very new to #Instagram – but I’m starting to love it!  For years, I have taken the power of the internet for granted, and CHOSE to stay in my own little bubble.  But with 2018 here, I’m bursting that damn bubble, and gettin’ outta’ this “comfort zone”, where I have CHOSEN to stay for so long.  My life was drastically changed a few days ago, when I had one of my lifelong idols like one of my posts on Instagram.  His name is @StevenWright. 

I love this (ABOVE) quote by Steven.  It reminds me of the way I USED TO be a bad procrastinator.  I actually think it’s a good idea, to write out all of the page numbers as a means of motivation!  LOL

Steven Wright is a #comedian from Massachusetts.  My brother first showed me his acts when I was 16.  I didn’t find it funny at first.  Steven was just…..weird.  He wasn’t like most comedians:  dramatic, loud, insulting, or sweaty from energetic movements.  He just slowly paced the stage, saying things in a his trademark, deep, smooth, monotone voice.  It wasn’t until I actually listened to the words coming out of his mouth, that I realized how remarkable this man truly is!  He  wasn’t harsh, or bold.  He was just weird…but a GREAT weird!  Some of the weirdest, yet funniest stuff I have ever heard in my life came from this man’s mouth.  He has been in movies, and all over comedy networks, and has a face and personality most can easily recognize.   I have had the pleasure of seeing him live once in London, Ontario, and it was more entertaining than any show I have ever been to!   

His #uniqueness and eccentric nature truly do #inspire me, and it should inspire YOU, too!  I try to do things a bit differently than most, because I think i’m pretty unique and weird.   Also, people generally get tired of the same stuff rather quickly.  When I first came across Mr. Wright as a vulnerable teen, it was awesome to see a celebrity much like the way I viewed myself:  a bit different from the rest!  Throughout history there have been few, if any, comedians who mastered this performance style like Steven has.  He gives you the joke, but makes you work a little to figure out the punchline.  Some likely never figure out his jokes (their loss).  For example:  “Hermits have no peer pressure”, or “Snakes have no arms, that’s why they don’t wear vests.”  Who in their right mind would come up with this stuff??  Nooobody!!!  It takes a mad, bold genius to come up with original stuff like Steven Wright has.  To say he thinks outside of box is a severe understatement.  This guy ain’t NEAR the box – and that is just awesome!  He is an ORIGINAL #success, indeed!  

Many worry about the opinions of others, especially myself.  But after seeing Steven Wright LIKE  and follow me – it sparked something in me!  I don’t wanna’ go through life merely following and blending in with societal norms and average Joe’s.  America poet Herman Melville once said:  “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”  This is beautifully accurate, especially in today’s instant, fast-fix, copy-cat world!  I wanna’ do MY thing, and NOT worry about what others might think of me.  Maybe I’ll make it BIG; maybe I’ll stay little.  The one thing I want most, however, is to stay true to who I am and fulfill my purpose in the weird way I choose!   

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