Interracial Relationships and the END of YOU!

Do you know what your #ethnic background consists of?  I do, and I’d like to think that most do.  Growing up, I seen mostly white people in my home.  While I was used to seeing several other cultures in public, I just never really asked a whole lot of questions at first.  Then, about the age of 8, I recall seeing my first mismatched couple:  a black dude with a blond, white chic!  I was utterly shocked and #confused, and believed THIS could/would potentially be the end of me….the end of YOU…..the end of us ALL!!  Boy, I’m so glad I was wrong.

Growing up, I seen lots of #relationships.  I seen a lot of love, laughter, sharing, caring, kissing, child-making (I didn’t actually SEE this part!), and respect.  It was my belief that I would marry a blond haired girl one day, with blue eyes.  If, as a kid, you were to tell me I MIGHT be marrying someone OUT of my ethnic comfort zone, I would have laughed.  Honestly, I likely would have been a bit offended.  Now, I don’t mean that in a cocky way either, mind you!  It would have been just a weird, unacceptable notion for me at that time.    

Like most cultures, I was brought up to believe we marry those much like ourselves.  Typically, that meant the SAME skin color and beliefs.  I believed it was WRONG to date someone from another #culture because there would be conflicting #beliefs, #values, #attitudes, and other things.  I have learned that many OTHER cultures even feel this same way – that we should “stick with our own kind.”   That, in itself, is a very #racist statement, I feel.  While there are many benefits to dating someone with the same cultural #background as you, there’s no law saying you have to! 

Personally, I used to believe it was wrong to date another #race solely for #reproductive purposes.  I don’t know about you and your hue – but I like being white!  But If my mom told me today that I’m half #Mexican, I would gladly wear a sombrero and celebrate that new knowledge!  But before, I just didn’t think it was “right” to have mixed babies.  That’s putting it bluntly, of course.  I find #elders to be most insensitive to this change, too.  Perhaps there is a fear that, with #combining TWO cultures, one of them is going to #suffer.  Further, the poor children have to grow up as half-this and half-that, stripping them of their true origins.  Bull!  Bull!!  Bull!!!  While I do believe in the important of understanding our culture and history, we have to remember our world NOW is much different than 100 years ago.  

Technology has allowed for some amazing things in our lives.  One of the biggest changes that I have seen is in our #freedom to #information and #communication.  It is so easy now to talk to anyone in the world, even from the privacy of your own toilet!  We all knew this change was coming as soon as we began communicating more freely with our fellow, far-off earthlings.  Technology has allowed us to fully understand the world’s diversity better, and have direct contact with almost anyone in the world.  

None of us are perfect – even if someone has told you that you are.  When I think of difference races dating, and making MIXED families, I am now filled with joy, acceptance, and LOVE!  I feel shame for ever  #judging someone based on their culture, skin color, or #dating preference.  Who the hell am I, or you (or anyone!) to tell someone else who they can or can’t LOVE??  That just sounds so insane!  Sadly, there will always be those (usually old, cold, inflexible people!) who don’t agree.  Many fear we will LOSE our sense of #identity, or #heritage, if we mix up our genes.  Bull.  We are not losing ANYTHING by creating a human life with someone from another race!  We are GAINING much, in fact.  We are showing #future civilizations that love is love, no matter where you are from, what you speak, or how you LOOK!  The world is not going to suffer or be divided by mixing up our cultures; the world is suffering because of our mixed up, contradictory #beliefs and #expectations.  Ultimately, we all want HAPPINESS out of life, right??  I feel that learning, accepting, having empathy and compassion ARE the ways to a better world.  Just because we don’t understand something, doesn’t mean it ISN’T right…..right??    Thank you for your time.  🙂



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