Impractical Jokers: Motivational mayhem!

Well I just said I don’t wish to rely on anything or anyone to #entertain me, but I sorta’ lied.  I’m sorry.  I DO watch a little bit of #television, but usually only programs that inspire me.  The tv show “Impractical Jokers” does a lot more than merely entertain me.  

The funny, hidden camera/practical reality show started in 2011, and stars 4 lifelong friends – Sal, Q, Murr, and my man – Joe!  Prior to discovering this program, I seldom watched tv.  The last time I was hooked on a #comedy program was back in 2000-2005, when #SNL (Saturday Night Live) was much better than it is today (miss you, #Farley!).  I first learned of Impractical Jokers around the summertime of 2016.  I have been hooked on it ever since! 

These four guys are all so similar, yet so very different as well.  But they all share the same twisted, unique sense of humour.   One thing I find incredible is just the way HUMOUR seems to lift our spirits.  Many comedians, even, have admitted that humour has literally SAVED their lives, adding brightness and hope to bleak circumstances.  #impracticaljokers has saved me, too!  I have had some down-days, prior to sitting down with the boys from Staten Island, New York.  As an artist myself, I take pride in amusing people also, and motivating them to excel at that which makes them feel fulfilled.   Further, I like doing it in a weird, freakish way!  These guys really inspire me to get over many of my silly fears.  Especially JOE – that guy is crazy!!  He is utterly fearless in the face of any challenge, and Joe seldom gets embarrassed.  All of them are courageous, but I think I resonate most with Joe.  I love the way he is so weird, and just stares blankly at unsuspecting targets. 

I have always worried much about what others thought of me.  Way too much, in fact.  These guys have taught me that it’s ok to be different, and NOT worry about judgement by others.    While I have never seen myself as an actor, I have wanted to do #socialexperiments to get a better understanding of #humanity.  The four Impractical Jokers – Sal, Murr, Q. and Joe – have truly touched my life and made me laugh like I have not laughed in many years!  Thank you so much, boys!   I would love to see you do a #Canadian tour sometime!  God bless you all!

Blaise #Bullwits


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