Is your husband or wife REALLY your “Best Friend”?

Finding #love is an awesome #feeling, wouldn’t you agree?  You know right away the #emotions – the way your heart flutters, and how you can’t stop thinking about them 24/7.  You just KNOW in your heart when you have found the one!  But for many, they claim that their “soulmate”, wife, husband, whatever – is theirbest friend.”  I find that bull.  I also think men and women will not fully agree on this topic.  

Meeting your match is a good feeling; it’s one of those bucket list items that just makes us feel complete.  But does it really COMPLETE you?  Is your significant other really your BEST friend??  C’mon!  While I think it’s an amazing feeling being in love, I wish not to lie to myself.  A best friend is not your husband, or wife, in my opinion.  Most (husbands) who tell their partners that are just trying to scoop up some points and secure some late-night lovin’.  I think both spouses and bff’s DO share some common traits – but they are not the same!  When I think of my best friends, for instance, I think of TIME.  How LONG have I known them, and what is their overall contribution to this whole game of (my) life?  For me, a best friend is someone I consider to be much like myself; like a long-lost brother (or sister).  A best friend would die for you, and you can tell them ANYYYthing, knowing your secret is safe.  Although many WANT their partner’s to confide everything in THEM, it’s just not the case.  I know many husband who keep all sorts of things from their wives, and vice versa.  Wives might argue, “Well I’m your wife, ’til death to us ‘part, so that means I MUST know everything about you.”  

While I would never deny anyone claiming that their spouse IS truly their BEST FRIEND, I just think it’s unlikely.  Many tell their lovers that they are not just in love – “we are BEST friends!”  Women love telling other women that too, so they all go “awww” in #envy.  I’ve heard very few husbands refer to their wives as “friends” to their buddies, for instance…let alone BEST ones!  It’s just a completely different set of circumstances and #emotions (Nothing personal, sweety!!)  I think people will never see eye-to-eye on this subject, but it needs to be brought up.  While I don’t think this testament is going to shake-up anyone’s relationships (at least I hope not!), I do think we need to be true to ourselves, and those we care about.  All of our friends in life play a vital part in our happiness, and it’s important to always acknowledge their role.  Having found ones “soulmate” is truly a magical feeling.  But don’t try to over-secure your relationship by making your partner into someone that they just are not.  

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