An Open Letter to my Gall Bladder…

Dear Gall Bladder:

Sup, bro!?  How’s it hangin’?  Now, I know I have gone most of my life without knowing much about you, or your purpose in the proper functioning of this giant, meaty machine – ME!  But I knew there may come a time when our paths would cross.  That time is NOW.  

I recall hearing mom, dad, and a few other community #elders complaining about #stomach #pains – usually after meals.  It wasn’t just cramps either, brought on by a little bit of over-indulging.  Mom would usually tough it out; Dad would lay down for an hour, usually moaning in discomfort.  I first encountered similar symptoms about 5 years ago after eating a deliciously greasy meal.  Since then, I have had about 30 times where a bile-blockage has led to immense pain.  I feel like you, my little sac-like, green friend, have betrayed me.  True, I took you for granted for most of my life.  To be honest, I didn’t even know you were there!!  But you were doing your thing, and I was doing mine; we were both just really busy!  But then mid-life hit, and I started experiencing this weird, radiating pain through my stomach, ribs, and right through to my back.  That was YOU, gallbladder.  I’m not really MAD at you.  I’m just confused as to why you’re not functioning properly.  I know some people REMOVE you from their lives, and throw you away!!  How does that make you feel??  Do you want THIS outcome???  I just want to make this work.  We’re halfway thru the journey, so I need you to be strong still, and keep squirtin’ out that bile stuff for me.  

I try to drink #applecidervinegar when you act up, as it helps the most.  I know this can’t go on forever.  You either have to start behaving, or I’m taking you out.  I’m trying to cooperate, and not eat foods that you don’t agree with, but I’m not perfect.  I’ve already eliminated much of my favorite foods from my diet to make you happy; that’s what you do when you love something – you stop hurting it!  If you don’t lose the attitude, I’ll likely be eating oatmeal and ice cubes for the remainder of this ride.  I love food!!  True, I eat a lot of garbage, and that will change.  But please, stop hurting me!  I will treat you better, and all I ask if you do the same.  I have dealt with a lot of pain in my life, and still functioned fine and even enjoyed life.  But when you freak out, you just waste my days!  Laying on the couch, unable to move…I can’t deal with that s***.  Hek, I even tried #positiveimagery and #affirmations to improve our #relationship.  🙁   

In ending, I want to thank you for all you have done.  I don’t fully understand your role in my life, but I am grateful.  I’d like to keep you for the remainder of this ride, but I’m not afraid to sever my ties with you.  Please forgive me for all of the fatty foods I have bombarded you with over the years, and lack of exercise.  I hope we can make this work.  God bless you gall bladder.  Please be good to me in 2018.  🙂


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