Do numbers actually reveal anything in your LIFE???

Many of us will come across #numbers in our lifetime.  There are many numbers which help dictate our lives, and some say we all have “#lucky numbers” even.  As #numerology says, there is a strong, mystical relationship between numbers and the events which are unfolding in our lives.  I have always felt as though ’13’ was my lucky number.  After having asked the “#Universe” to give me seven lucky numbers, I was shocked when they literally fell into my hands!

So, a couple years ago, I was at the used book store.  I reached for a book and out falls a Super 7 #Lottery #ticket from 1996, which was likely being used as a bookmark.  When I seen the faded numbers, I was floored!!  “03-13-16…”.  These numbers have always been significant to me.  More shocking, I discovered the ticket on March 13, 2016!!!!  The old me would have ignored that as merely #coincidence, but this was too evident!  Someone was trying to tell me SOMETHING!  Nonetheless, I played those numbers many times and didn’t win much.  But it was still very encouraging to know that my pleas were, perhaps, being heard at least.  


Everywhere I seemed to look, I would see those three numbers though: “03-13-16”.  Billboards, license plates, and other random writings all seemed to be throwing this combination of numbers at me.  But why??  Very recently, I had a meeting with my awesome Coach, Sheila, via Skype.  She had on a red, Hunger Walk-Run t-shirt on, that read:  “03-13-16”.  I wrote it down immediately without even mentioning it to her!  This was HUGE, and scary!!  I had never mentioned any of this to Sheila before.  But while talking about odd coincidences in life, I had to bring it up.  I had not seen this “03-13-16” combination in a while, and was feeling a bit discouraged.  So seeing this t-shirt bumped me back into 5th gear!!  Sheila has revealed what some of these numbers meant to me, and why they were important. 

I know numbers are all around us; it’s impossible to get away from them!  I do believe we all have certain numbers which are powerful to us, and even guiding us!  Most are so bombarded with numbers today, that we fail to recognize any sort of pattern presented to us.  But I know mine, and I’m determined to figure out what it all means!  


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