Success, Sun-Gazing, and The ‘Real’ Housewives…

This piece is written in response to a video I saw recently by  The video shows a simple animation of three stick people, each raising a glass of wine simultaneously, as if proposing a toast.  The stick figures raise their glasses several times, while piano music plays in the background.  (Don’t worry – it gets better!)

The message in the video goes like this:  “Call me Crazy, but I love to see people happy and succeeding.  Life is a journey, not a competition.”  Then there’s an option at the bottom to type “YES” if you agree.  I kinda’ wish it said “OPINION” instead of a simple, one-word acknowledgement.  The message itself, to me, is pretty clear.  However, I know many are lying to your neighbors, family, peers, creditors, and most sadly – yourselves!  

Truly, I do love seeing people happy and successful in all areas of their lives!  However, I wasn’t always such a well-wisher.  I used to feel jealous, wondering why others got to have the life that I wanted.  I used to envy the freedom, the lack of worry, and overall happiness of people in my life whom I felt were more successful than myself.  I used to have so much self-pity, making excuses as to why others could have the life that I so strongly desired.  Sadly, I used to hope my peers might even fail, so they can be brought back to my level of inadequacy and unhappiness.  

Generally speaking, I believe that most people judge how well they’re doing in life by looking at the people in their environment, or their “social circle”.  I often look at others closest to my age to see how I should/would match-up in terms of “SUCCESS”.  I used to think:  “Ok, a 30-something homeless dude over there under the cardboard…I think I got him beat.  Oh, an average-lookin’ chap here with suspenders…looks like a loser.  Bam – two down!”  Like most, I’m feeling pretty good right now!  But then there’s a bloody threat:  a young guy in a suit struts by in slow-motion, fixing his hair, sportin’ a seashell necklace and auto-darkening shades.  His shoes look like they were made from actual baby crocodiles.  I mean, the crowd splits for this cat, making a special lil’ path for him.  Even though I just made him up, I already dislike him.  Then he drives off in a car called “Miserable” (“Maserati”).  Damn!  To say that this guy had his you-know-what together is an understatement!  When a hugely successful person is around us, many may have negative, envious feelings, right?  While it’s indeed quite selfish, actually, I believe it to be pretty natural.

It’s like if one seagull see’s another walk by with a cracker, it will naturally think:  “Damn, I really want that cracker!  I hope he drops it or leaves some behind.  Maybe he’ll just die, and I can have the rest of the cracker!”  That’s kinda’ how it works with humans.  While we may not wish DEATH upon a neighbor or friend, you will see others at some point, who have something that you really, really want.  Rather than working for it yourself (finding your own cracker!), you accept that it’s unattainable, and so give up.  Then, we just remain bitter because we never got our “fair” share, and excuse the gluttonous bird as being “lucky”.  

If you have seen any of the “Real Housewives” programs, you know what I’m talking about.  These catty, plasticky cougars basically all pretend to like eachother, but talk behind eachother’s backs often.  Their sad lives appear to be driven by money, materialism, and competition.  I could only watch part of an episode before wanting to vomit.  Just very sad, lonley, hurtin’ individuals.  

Comparisons are pretty neat, aren’t they??  For the most part, they allow us to have our opinions and beliefs.  I know I don’t like Cabbage ‘cuz I compare it to the last time I ate it – nasty!  I know I’m not rich ‘cuz I don’t drive a Lambo or have a personal shoe-shiner.  However, when I look at the homeless man sleeping on the bench, I suddenly realize that I’m not doin’ too bad.  I see a woman in the hospital with a priest by her bedside – I’m feeling pretty grateful and happy with what I have; I feel totally rich with just having life!  Now, when I see a person drive past in a sporty car with a stogie, a smile, and a pet crocodile, I just admire.  Good for them for working so hard, and I hope they’re truly HAPPY.

In ending, I will add that we only have one physical shot at this whole “Life” thing, yet so many spend it on others before themselves.  Many are so concerned with others’ opinions about them (GUILTY, RIGHT HERE!!), when few even know themselves fully.  We’re just pretending to be something that we know in our heart’s we are not.  The person with absolutely NOTHING but a good attitude, a good heart, and HAPPINESS, is far more successful than the person masking their misery with material bullsh**.  The desire to “keep up with the Joneses” has led many, I believe, to an unhappy, empty life.  Live…YOUR…….LIFE!!!

THE END                       ……………………………is NEAR