Like MOST, I used to Think being GAY was Wrong…

Growing up, I always believed that it was unacceptable to be gay in our society.  Reinforced by family, school, society, and peers, I know that the majority (over 90%) of people also thought it was wrong.  I believed this because it was what I was taught.  Neat, how we absorb and operate by the information given to us  by trusted ones, huh?  That’s life, and that’s how many of us HAVE our precious little, sensitive opinions.  One thing I have learned, however, is that you will gain your OWN opinions through this fantastic journey called Life.  This is HUGE, as your opinions, or beliefs, will ultimately dictate the path of your life.  God, that is frightening, isn’t it??  But what’s more important:  What YOU believe, or what OTHERS believe?  (Most answer that question wrong)

Until about age 20, I could count on one hand the amount of times I’d seen two same-sex people holding hands.  As a kid, I thought that if a male had an earring in their RIGHT ear, he was gay.  If a guy wore a pink shirt, he was gay.  If a girl had short hair or an interest in sports, she was gay.  There were lots of dislikable statements to describe people whom chose this life (which I won’t repeat).  I remember we had a couple of gay-suspects in high school.  People used to whisper a lot.  Nobody would dare come out and ask, “Are you gay?”, because it was almost taboo to TALK about (let alone accuse!).  Most of my peers used now-derogatory terms that started with “F”, “G-B”, “Q”, “D”, “P-L”, or “H”.  I know they were used in a light manner, and were never intended to hurt anyone.  Also, I recall people saying often, “What a F**!”, when they obviously didn’t mean “homosexual”!  Others would say, “That’s just gay!” if the bus driver didn’t wait for them, or if the rain won’t let up!  It’s just slang, I suppose.  It has nothing to do with bashing ones sexual preference.  (Mind you, there are many still, who would gladly bash you face-to-face, ‘cuz of  your sexual preference).  Those people will always exist.

I think I was around the age of 30 when I became gay-curious.  Let me rephrase:  I think I was around the age of 30 when I became gay-accepting.  I recall one time, being outside at a bar getting some air.  A good-looking dude came and started chatting.  I was friendly, as I sometimes am, and he was more friendly.  It became evident to me what was on this guy’s agenda:  ME.  But I didn’t panic!  I just treated him like any other human being.  I just treated him like any other human being (I meant to put this twice).  I don’t know WHAT ON BLOODY EARTH gave him the impression that I had even a HINT of a gay-curious hair on my head…..but he was movin’ in.  He had his gaydar set on me, and y’know what?  It wasn’t even that weird!  He complimented me on my appearance, before realizing I was straight.  Many macho men would say, “Oh, I’d beat the snot outta’ him if he hit on me!”  Many men, or women, would feel very uncomfortable by a same-sex compliment.  Many are not cool receiving compliments, period – regardless of who’s dishin’ them out.  Our ego’s just can’t handle it.  Like, who in their right mind would get angry by an honest, sincere compliment??  A high school teacher once told us:  “If a gay guy hits on you, take it as a huge compliment!”  It took me a few years to comprehend what he meant.  

I can proudly say that I have many gay friends, family, and followers.  I firmly believe that you can’t dislike someone who hasn’t done anything to you.  You can’t just hate someone ‘cuz they like the same-sex.  That doesn’t make any sense (and honestly makes you look quite stupid!)  That’s like someone hating you because you are fat, or unemployed, or a pothead, or Wiccan.  You might not agree with their lifestyle, but it’s not affecting YOUR lifestyle, y’know??  “Yeah, but Bullwits, I have to SEE gay people everywhere now, holding hands, even kissing!  It’s traumatizing and I don’t want my kids seeing that!  They might CHOOSE that life, and I want grandkids!”

Unfortunately, we are split in society over this matter.  Thankfully, the margins are in favor of the righteous.  I know that love is love, and our hearts know when we are loved and appreciated.  I believe when most come around, and see all of the imperfections in the world around us, they will see that their biases are irrelevant.  I don’t even think the issue IS “same-sex”.  The issue here is lack of self-awareness and self-confidence.  Many will go through life as haters because they never explored WHO they were deep down, and what they WANTED out of their stagnant lives.  Hopefully, all prejudiced people will begin to think, feel, and act for themselves.  #OneLove

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