Personal Banking: ATM’s DOOOO Lie!

TORONTO – A few weeks ago, I went to the TD bank machine at a lovely strip mall near my home in North York.  It was just a beautiful, typical day for me, at first.  What happened soon after, though, was anything but expected. 

I approached the triad of Green Machines, and went to the middle one as I always do.  The bright screen greeted me by name after I punched in my code.  I needed to withdraw $80 for a medical appointment (which I was late for), so I did so.  Scurrying with my paperwork and flustered mind, I took my debit card and dashed off!

About 50 feet from the bank machine I had just used, I reached in to take out the $80.  It wasn’t in my wallet!!  Holy sh’moly, my heart started POUNDING!  Without hesitation, I scurried BACK to the middle machine, assuming I’d see four beautiful, yet betrayed $20 bills just waiting there.  Nada.  I re-traced my (approximately) fifty footsteps, carefully scanning the entire floor area like a bloody robot.  I was sweating, and felt nauseous.  “It’s gotta’ be here”, I remember hoping.  Nothing.  I walked back to the machine, knelt down a bit to look INTO the money slot.  Maybe it got jammed; a bill folded?  Caught on a piece of stripping or wiring?  I wanted to peak in with the light on my phone, but didn’t wanna’ look suspicious.  I’m already worrying about how suspicious I’m gonna’ look (in my socks, sandals, coat and toque) when I go tell the guy:  “Yeah, the, uh, bank machine there didn’t give me my $80….”.  But I had to tell someone! 

I approached the gentleman at the little booth there, off to the left.  I said to him:  “I just had something very unusual happen…”  I explained my dilemma, and he asked if I put the money in a pocket perhaps.  I told him I frisked myself up and down three times, checking every pocket, crevasse, or fold – even my phone case.  Nopers.  I told him I always put it in my wallet, but was in a rush this morning, and maybe did something stupid (I actually said that).  He looked in the system, and I was hoping it would say some ‘ERROR’ occurred and the machine, in fact, did NOT dish out the cash.  He said in a confident tone:  “Yes, it shows that it was withdrawn 8 minutes ago.”  But I didn’t HAVE IT!!  Where was it??   I asked if they could review the ATM cameras, ‘cuz it would SHOW me RECEIVING the cash, right??  I said I wanna’ SEE if someone came to  that machine after me, and took the money that another dummy *ahem* left behind.  

The teller said he could give me a contact number for the TD FRAUD department and they could investigate.  Not feeling too hopeful, I took the information anyway.  When I got home, I called the FRAUD line.  The guy helping me asked;  “So you got your card back, but you say you didn’t get the MONEY?”  I said, “Uh huh”.  He thought it was very unusual, and I told him it had never happened to me before either!  He added:   “…’Cuz the machine won’t give you your CARD back until you’ve taken out the money.”  I wasn’t aware of that, so I came to just accept this whole ordeal as just a personal loss; hopefully a lesson learned!  

(BTW – The next day, I used that same machine, and I learned that is DOES, in fact, give you your card back BEFORE the money comes out.)

So a couple of days go by, and my wife says to me:  “TD put that $80 back into your account.”  I jumped.  “Really???” I joyfully yelled!  I had felt like the criminal, who’d been (wrongly) convicted years ago, and finally has his reputation cleansed.  I felt FREED (and a little bit richer).  If I worked at a bank, I would likely assume that a younger, average-class male with meh credit might have been the one to have made the mistake.  But apparently not.  I am surprised that I never got a call from TD explaining what had happened.  *coughingapologycough*  lol  Sure, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the oversight, but I truly believe that’s why God gave me my better half.  

(BTW – I still LOVE TD Canada Trust and hold no grudge over this matter)


Excuse or Setback? Did I attract THIS!?

I have recently had a life-changing experience.  I wish I could say it was for the better, but I’m yet to see.  I had injured myself, and although I’m still alive (clearly), It was a BONK on the head that made me realize how precious life is, and how fragile our skulls are.  

Without going into details, I just want to say that I am Grateful for being ALIVE!  Sounds so cliche, but it’s true in my case.  Everyone has meaning in their lives, and this recent setback has made me see the importance of our health – especially our sensitive brains.  My brain is my EVERYTHING.  It’s the storehouse for all of my ideas!  I need it!  Since my injury, a part of me has tried ‘shifting’ me to different goals.  Part of me has tried telling the other part (as messed up as that sounds!) that maybe I won’t have the ‘capacity’ to create unique things, as I had previously dreamed.  Do I just give up?  I don’t want to.  Well then stop talking about it.  Ok.  

So, I’m trying to ignore those ‘lacking’ thoughts and beliefs, and am trying to stay focused (not easy after a concussion!).  I know in my heart (oh here we go!) that I got a lot to do.  I’m not sure if I attracted this particular circumstance, but I’m going to persevere regardless.  I’m GRATEFUL for the ability to think.  Something we truly take for granted, our amazing minds.  God bless every eyeball that comes across this!!