Dreams, Beams, or Pant Seams…

Imagine, just for a minute, what life would be like if every human being actually pursued their DREAMS?  We are told this from every coach, teacher, or general person in the pursuit of their truest potential – “Have a dream!  Dream BIG!!”  But is it POSSIBLE??  I suppose it is. 

I know most have dreams as children:  you may have wanted to be a Singer, Teacher, or Song-writer, yet you work in Construction!  You may have fantasized about working with animals, or developmentally challenged individuals – yet you are a seamstress!  Seeing how so many are NOT living their dreams, makes me wonder:  Could our economy even continue to function if we all quit our jobs, and followed our “heart’s desires”? 

Think of the impact on the medical, construction, technology, and education industries, for example.  If the builder secretly wants to be a ballet dancer – who’s gonna’ build stuff??  If the Teacher truthfully wants to work in a kitchen – who’s gonna’ educate our students??  If the Welder really wants to become a successful Artist and Writer (ahem!), who’s gonna’ build our cars??  Y’see where I’m going with this???  HOW can we ALL (realistically) pursue our true, heartfelt dreams?  There’s no way we’re all doing what we LOVE!  We’ve just settled.  Stop trying to trick yourself into believing that you’re passionate about your current work situation.

I would love to quit my job TODAY, as I know I have myriad ideas to keep me going.  But I’m getting a good, steady income now, which relieves much stress.  I know when I do quit (and I bloody will, so help me God!), and hang up my helmet for the last time, it will come with some fear and anxiety.  I’m heading into the abyss of creative possibilities – but not certainties.  So most of us just stay put where it’s safe and comfortable. 

I don’t know how what effect it would have on civilization as we know it, if we all picked up our dreams today and did something with them.  “Sorry, the police force is temporarily reduced, as 70 constables are taking a 3-day knitting course…”  Can you imagine??  There would definitely be an ECONOMIC SHUFFLE of great magnitude (that could spill into a sick comedy film!).  But many people would be much HAPPIER, right?  And isn’t HAPPINESS what we’re essentially chasing??  Honestly, I think it would have a detrimental, (c)rippling effect on many, many lives, and would drastically “shake up” the foundation for which our society was designedBUT DON’T LET THAT DISCOURAGE YOU!!!

In a nutshell, I truly and unfortunately think “people” don’t want us to be happy.  “OMG – that’s a weird notion, isn’t it??”  =O  Yes, extremely!  You need precision and structure in ANY organization (society is an organization), and if people just do whatever they wish – it’d be a complete sh*t-show!  Utter mayhem, if you ask me!  That is why we are usually told what we will become.  “Your mom was a Teacher?  Awesome – guess what you’re gonna’ become?  You learn with your hands and there’s a fab shop up the street – guess what you’re gonna’ become?”  You’re a 3rd generation recipient of welfare – guess what you’re gonna’ become??”  Most don’t B E L I E V E they can be anything more – so they won’t even try.  Further, many may feel that they have it pretty good in life – bills are paid, wife’s happy, kids are eatin’ – so there’s no need for this “personal growth” silliness.

So in ending, I will shout affirmatively:  GO FOR YOUR DREAMS!  YOU HAVE ONLY ONE LIFE TO LIVE!  IT’S NOT YOUR CONCERN WHO WILL DO YOUR CURRENT, CRAPPY JOB ONCE YOU LEAVE!  THE ECONOMY WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF!  Lastly, ensure that your great idea will be able to provide more utter satisfaction than anything imaginable!  It’s always a risk – a leap, jump, a hope, a GAMBLE – but it’s one you will most definitely regret NOT taking. 

Is MEDITATION Productive?

When most hear of meditation, they likely picture someone doing nothing.  Being unproductive.  Wasting time.  Just sittin’ there, eyes closed, sitting unnaturally, as if they’re waiting for something.  While many see it as beneficial, others typically roll their eyes and laugh.  “Meditation??  Like I have time for that nonsense?”  Many don’t think there’s any true benefit, and believe it to be somewhat of a placebo.  Sure, it makes you feel more calm, but nothing actually CHANGES!  Or does it??  =O

Meditation has been going on for many more years than I am even aware.  Aside from the odd deep breath here and there, I had never really meditated much in my life.  I remember laying in bed as a kid, wondering…thinking…worrying…wondering…thinking….worrying…..wondering if anyone else thought like I did.  I didn’t know if it was normal to think this much, when I’m supposed to be shuttin’ sh*t down and resting.  But when I discovered meditation, my whole (physical) world changed!

Through meditation, I have learned to listen to my body.  Sure, I can more clearly experience things I hadn’t before:  tummy rumbling, heart beating, and my gentle pulse in my fingertips.  I think I can even hear my hair growing sometimes!  Creepy, huh?  I can even get so relaxed that I feel as if I have left my body!  It’s quite a trippy experience, when you learn how easy it is to ‘leave’ this physical world, even for a few moments.  But few know how, or even care to explore the possibility that we may very well be nothing more than…              …nothing.

We are taught that doing nothing is bad.  Generally, not doing anything is considered unproductive, even lazy.  Our society is about the go-go-go.  We are all so occupied with our job, family, finances, health, texting, browsing, social media, movies, groceries, etc.  We’ve designed our lives so there are no empty spaces!  We watch so much tv, and rely on OTHERS to entertain us.  How often do you really just sit in a room all alone, and reflect?  Just reflect on everything.  Many wouldn’t see a purpose in such silly, wasteful behavior.  In our society, we’re taught that complete silence in any fashion is awkward, almost socially unacceptable.  Perhaps we fear that someone just sitting there, is planning something evil in their muted state.  Some may wonder, “Why is he just sitting there with his eyes closed??  What a weirdo!”  That’s where meditation has taught me a valuable lesson:  Silence is good!  Silence is necessary to listen to your intuition and allow yourself to be guided by your true power – your heart!

While meditation may not be for everybody, it should be!  Relaxing, putting your reality aside and appreciating life and your amazing body is crucial.  So many are caught up in life’s physical vices, and believe that we primarily experience through our five senses.  However, there is an infinite intelligence buried within each of us, and we’re simply not listening to this information.  Many are ashamed to admit that they could benefit from meditation, as if it were only for ‘certain’ people.  Relying on meditation to feel better is not a weakness, folks, but rather a life-changing commitment.  It should be part of our everyday.  So many will stress for 2-6 hours a day, so why not start/finish your day of closing off your senses, and replenishing your mind, body and soul?  Sitting quietly for as little as 10 minutes a day, in a HAPPY state, will improve your health and broaden your understanding.  Trust me, it will!  We all have that deep, inner voice that is coming from a Divine source.  Quit ignoring it; get in touch with it….or keep hitting ‘REPLAY.’ 

When do we STOP Growing???

Around the age of 16-17, I came to the realization that I was not going to grow anymore.  I knew this was not negotiable, and I would remain just under six feet tall forever (unless in high heels, of course).  Although I wanted to be closer to seven feet tall, I came to accept that it wasn’t possible for me to (vertically) grow any more.  But what about growing in ways that are not physical? 

Driving home last week, I had a sudden realization that scared the you-know-what outta’ me:  I don’t need to grow (academically, socially, developmentally, spiritually etc.) one more bit to sustain this life of mine!!  Right now, I have all of the skills I will EVER need to keep living like this.  I know how to communicate, I can weld, I can cook, I can drive, I can play baseball, I can draw, I can write, I can Love, and I know basic First Aid.  Every skill I will ever need to continue THIS life, I already have.  I don’t even really need to THINK, as I do many of these skills automatically.  I’ve been using my skills for so long that my subconscious just takes over.  Pretty amazing.  Or should I say, pretty disgusting!  This is where/why most get STUCK, I believe. 

There will come a time when we reach a self-satisfying plateau in certain areas of our life.  For many, once you get a “good job”, you stop looking for another one.  Why would you look for a job when you’re already employed??  My Dad squirms when I mention “pursuing my dreams,” because he knows I have a good job right now.  He had struggles that I can’t even fathom, yet he raised a family and seldom complained.  I don’t have the heart to ask him, “Why did you settle, Dad?” as I don’t want to offend his efforts.  But for so many, once we’re comfortable, we’re happy – and there’s nothing wrong with that!  But what is it that makes SOME people want to do MORE?  Why do some wish to continue feeding their mind with information when they already have everything they need?  I believe it’s our HEARTS that are letting us know that we need to do more to feel completely satisfied.

For me, I know I am happy now.  I have a skilled trade, a good marriage and health.  But I also know there’s this burning desire within me that’s pushing me every day; it’s a silent voice that’s not going to let me settle.  I estimate that right now  that I’m using about 15-20% of my true potential on a daily basis.  “Well, what are you doing with the other 80%??”  I’m glad you asked!!  I’m doing little with 80% of my potential.  So, I’m planning on giving up on THIS life, as I know it’s downright stupid to let so much go to waste, right?  Today, I’m deciding that I’m never going to stop growing.  I don’t care if I’m on my deathbed – gimme’ more to learn and help me grow!

Ultimately, I think we stop growing when we DECIDE to.  If you’re not seeking more from life, then you need not learn more.  Just keep hittin’ REPLAY on your days and live it out as you wish.  I, however, know I’m tired of this life.  I’m tired of seeing the exact same things at the exact same time everyday.  I may have stopped growing physically in my teens, but I know that true, personal growth never ends in the pursuit of your dreams and your true purpose.  I’m reclaiming my 80%!!!  Please, NEVER GIVE UP!!!!              

The Heart of (the) Matter…

I’ve been doing a lot of reading into the heart.  Yes, our physical (yet not-so-physical) heart.  I’ve heard much about the heart in my lifetime:  follow your heart; your heart’s desires, etc.  But I had always believed that our heart’s job was to simply pump blood throughout our bodies.  Turns out…I was dead WRONG! 

I have had people (girls) tell me before, “You’re thinking with your head – not your heart!”  I never knew what this meant, as I believed that all thoughts came from my brain.  I also believed feelings to come from the brain.  Whenever I felt happy, embarrassed, or angry, I could feel it in my brain!  I didn’t feel anything in my heart.  The only thing I FEEL in my actual heart, are it’s rhythmic beats and the occasional chest pains that usually subside with a good hammer fist to my chest.  When I think of the people I LOVE in life, again, I don’t feel it in my chest region.  My BRAIN, however, does feel tingly and happy; and when I think of something I strongly dislike, my head feels clustered, panicked, and in pain.  So when I learned that our HEART is hundreds of times more powerful than our brains, I was very confused!  I have been researching and discovering new, interesting things to perplex and challenge my mind…AND heart! 

This new finding has been somewhat of a relief for me.  I feel like I can finally let my mind take a break, knowing my heart has a distinct intelligence of its own.  They say our Heart is the true essence of who we really are, and it communicates to us through its own, special language (feelings).  Our brain gives us a very limited view on life, but our heart can assess every circumstance from a higher perspective.  My mind can rest a bit, because my heart is the one in charge anyway.   

I am still trying to grasp all of this.  I am so fascinated, and trying to learn how to open my heart up daily.  I used to picture my heart literally opening up; cut through the centre, slicing through my aorta, through the ventricles, arteries, blood shootin’ outta’ veins, people screamin’!  Yeah, this is love!  But I’m sure the expression “opening your heart” is typically used more metaphorically.  This book I’m reading, “THE POWER OF THE HEART”, by Baptist De Pape, is incredible.  It has quotes from many of the greatest teachers and leaders in Personal Development and New Age thinking.  This book really did open my eyes (and my HIGHER self) to the realization that I don’t know as much as I think I do.  Not even close. 

The Heart is something I have ignored for too long.  It truly is an amazing organ, but it’s also so much more!  I used to hate hearing people talk about “listening to your heart”.  This was mainly because I didn’t understand what the Hallmarky-mallarky expression meant.  To me, It was like a placebo; no real truth, but it made you feel warm n’ fuzzy inside.  Our hearts – gut, intuition, inner guidance – can be opened up by being happy, basically.  When we show gratitude for EVERYTHING in life (even the disasters!), we are opening up our heart.  I encourage you to try to shut off your thoughts, and try to listen to your heart.  Don’t focus solely on the reddish-purple, fist-sized mechanism encased in your ribs – your actual HEART.  But instead, focus on what it’s COMMUNICATING with each beat.  Like Gregg Braden said:  “Your heart is literally communicating with every other heartbeat in the world!”  Do something with that knowledge today!

Me, St. Paddy, and the blue skies ahead…

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, which in no way applies to any part of this post.

I have been working away on my projects, but still have little to show for it.  I have been reading extensively on “Procrastination” and “Reaching Your Goals,” and I feel like I’m making headway.  I am tired of making excuses, even though many are justified.  But I’m going to persevere, regardless.  Sure, I may not have an office or studio, and I could use a few more hours of “quiet time” every day to work on stuff.  However, I’m starting to shift my focus from what I CAN’T DO, to the little bitty things (“baby steps”) I CAN do!  I’m such a perfectionist, and that’s my problem.  But I’m trying to look past that need for perfection, and just trying to get STARTED!  I have little visual works posted on this blog, and I know that SUCKS!!  But I’m going to make a commitment here, publicly:  I’m going to write in this blog at least ONCE a week.  If not, then assume I am DEAD!  I had actually thought about writing up my OBITUARY, as I know it’ll scare me, allowing me to see all that I COULD have accomplished in life, were it not for ____________.  You see, __________ is the reason I have not really been able to create much artwork.  __________ is what is holding me back.  I have SO MUCH I want to do – paintings, drawings, books, comics, crafts, writings, etc. – but I can’t even get started because of ___________.  If you can help me fill in the blanks, I’d greatly appreciate it.  

Today is Friday, and I am already discouraged by having to go to my ‘real’ job in a few hours.  I try to get the most out of my little bit of free time in the morning (now!), before headin’ into (temporary) reality.  I often wonder how many others are out there like me, who have a good job, but just know there’s something more they could be doing.  Many are so caught up in the repetition of life, and just repeat yesterday over-and-over, until retirement.  Then you die.  They people will say, “Well, he lived a good life; he was a good man.” (the typical things you hear upon someone’s passing)  But I don’t want to be known as just a Father; someone who survived great odds in life; an Artist; a WELDER!!!  I want to be so much more, and not just settle like so many do.  “Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes.”  This quote has haunted me, yet propelled me to take action.  I know if I don’t consciously DECIDE to change, then my world will continue unfolding as it has.  

So in ending, I want to say that today, St. Paddy’s Day 2017 is a new day.  “Blaise, you’ve said that before…it’s actually just Friday…like all of the other Friday’s…you’re gonna’ go to your job, come home, pray before bed, and then wake up.  NOTHING will change, Blaise.  Nothing!  Ever.  You’re not determined, dedicated, and lack the necessary perseverance of a true leader.”  Ok, that’s the Devil (“temptation”) on my right shoulder speaking (I don’t like him!).  Then the Angel (“conscience”) on my other shoulder comes to my aid.  “Blaise, you have more talents than most do.  You are Divinely guided, and are on course with what God expects from you.  Relax, have fun, and keep pluggin’ away.  I’m proud of you!”  (Oooo – I like the Angel better!)  I know many of us have these inner battles throughout our life, and throughout our day’s even.  I know it’s hard to ignore the part of you that wants to stay safe, comfortable, and out of harm’s way; the same part that’s making you lose faith in your abilities, and never wants you to change (subconsciously).  A certain part of me almost wants to stay in this familiar territory, but the BIGGER part wants me to get out and begin the adventure!  So many let their abilities go to waste.  But why?  I think for me, it’s because of __________, and this has to change………...T O D A Y ! ! !  I wish all the best of luck, in getting unstuck, and allowing you to live as abundantly as your heart desires.    

God bless all eyes that read this.