Where I am RIGHT NOW…

Hello and happy 2017 to every and anyone reading this.  I am currently on my couch.  In terms of my goals, hopes, and dreams, I am a bit closer, although it feels like I’m slacking.  I just got over a 2-week MAN cold, and it was a tough one.  Whenever I get a cold, I seriously plan like it’s the end.  I would tell my wife before going to bed, “If I don’t wake up…”  She’s like, “Oh please, it’s just a cold, honey.”  But I have good reason to be scared. 

Years ago, a good friend of mine, Peto, had a bad cold.  Peto wasn’t the type to go to the Dr., or even take medicine.  Perhaps it wasn’t MANly.  But everytime I get a cold, I think of Peto.  At the age of 33, he went to bed with a cold.  Little did he, or anyone know, it was actually pneumonia.  They said he drowned in his sleep, but went peacefully.  This always serves as a remind to me, to not only take care of your body, but to be prepared.  Few, in their 30’s, are prepared to die in their sleep.  

I keep telling myself, “You are alive!!!  You can DO things!!”  I feel like I haven’t been working towards my goals as much as I’d like to.  My excuses?  No time and energy, basically.  I find it hard to hop into creativity mode after work, as I’m tired as hek.  I have so many things I want to accomplish, but fear I just may not have time.  Many seem disappointed when I speak of myself in the future as a NON-welder.  My parents, especially, think I am nuts for talking about leaving my current job, which blesses me with a good pay, benefits, and good atmosphere.  I just think I can do better.  I’m not trying to prove them wrong; but I am trying to prove to myself that I can reach my dreams.  I’ve prayed to God for sooooooooooome time now, asking for a little  help; guidance; maybe a cool Million so I can quit my job and start working on my goals.  

I turned 37 years OLD on February 8, 2017.  This sorta’ bothers me, as I’m well over halfway to the Heavens, and still poundin’ away in a factory.  I don’t think I’m any better than any of my coworkers.  I do, however, know that I have dreams and hopes of something better.  I know I have a lot more to offer the world than my welding skills.  I feel like a kid with tons of free-ride tickets, but I’m too short to even go on the rides!  I have so many great ideas and so much inspiration – but no time to do anything with them.  Sometimes I think I should hire a #lifecoach, but even that would make me feel like a loser; like I couldn’t figure this out on my own.  Everyday, when I go to work, I carry my black bag of dreams.  I will elaborate on this another time, but basically it’s a briefcase.  It contains my many OTG (on-the-go) projects, rough notebooks, and ideas I spontaneously get (usually while driving!).  Many of my neighbours, whom know me as a Welder, probably wonder why the hek I carry this black bag over my shoulder, along with my lunch and thermos, everyday.  Noone has ever asked, and that kinda’ bothers me.  Even driving a co-worker home one day, he asked in a strong Indian accent:  “What’s with the briefcase?  Are you in school or something?”  I just replied, “My dreams are in there.”  I’m gonna’ continue pecking away.  I want to encourage anyone, especially my own kids, to never settle when you think you can do better!  Don’t just get STUCK in a job that’s “decent”.  If you can offer more to the world, get out and do it!  

   <–  My DREAMS!!

I am hoping to post one of my first VISUAL pieces of art very soon.  One of my biggest blocks has been creating my cartoons/comics.  I am a perfectionist, and that has to stop!  I’m gonna’ forget about the specifics and just have fun.  When I’d create art as a kid, it was so much fun.  That’s what art should be, fun and exhilarating!  I’ve stressed much about the what-ifs, and it has caused me to keep putting these dreams on hold.  It is now 2017, and I say this is the year I make things happen.  I hope to have 1000 followers very soon!  Thank you very much for reading this.  Be well, be creative, respect EVERYONE, and seek.