Jaywalking or Jaytalking…which is WORSE???

Nowadays, we see a lot of people with cell phones.  This is no surprise, unless you are Amish, or you live in a cave.  But when is the time to put down the damn device, and just live?  We act as if our lives depend on our techy devices, don’t we?  But can we not put down our phones during dangerous times?  My rant is regarding people crossing the street, distracted.

So Jaywalking is illegal.  As an adult, I can understand why this is – it’s not safe to cross the streets in some locations; you could get run over, crushed – dead!  But what about Jaytalking?  You’ve probably never heard about Jaytalking ‘cuz I just coined the term this morning.  We see it everyday though:  People crossing the streets while either texting, browsing, or updating their boring little lives through the news of others.  That’s right – people cross busy streets with their heads down, headphones in and minds elsewhere.  “Oh, but it’s a CROSSWALK, silly!”  Ok.  While a crosswalk is a safer choice than jaywalking, you’re still closing yourself off to reality if you’re DISTRACTED!  At busy intersections, I have had to honk at pedestrians to let let them know that it’s time for them to CROSS THE STREET.  If they’re not paying attention, and I decide to turn right, I could run them over.  I’m gonna’ get a potential manslaughter charge ‘cuz you’re dumb a** can’t use common sense.  I see it in busy parking lots, too.

So, while many driver’s are being ticketed for texting and driving, what about pedestrians?  Many people have it in their head that “the pedestrian ALLLLWAYS has the right of way!”  While this is very true, pedestrians, also, have an obligation to have their heads UP, paying attention to their surroundings at all times.  Gramma’ just updated her Instagram?  Suzie posted pics from Costa Rica?  Jason just liked your status from last Saturday’s dinner date?  Who cares!  It’s like we’re all playing Russian Roulette with our lives…but for WHAT, exactly?  Status update:  “OMG just hit by a car while crossing the street!  FML!  #stupiddrivers!”  

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