Do we have a PURPOSE?

This is a question I’ve asked myself many times, for many years.  I remember laying in bed as a child, wondering:  “Do I have a purpose here on earth?  Or am I just the product of an ongoing biological process, going with the flow of things?”  Many would say that God has a definite plan for us.  While I believe this to be somewhat true, I believe we have much more input and control of our destiny than we realize.

My earliest known purpose was to be an artist.  It’s the one thing I’ve loved doing – creating unique pieces of art – which everyone said was my purpose.  As an adult, I had many jobs that I didn’t like.  I was told that if I get a stable job with benefits, I should hang onto it for dear life!  My Dad would preach:  “Nowadays, companies don’t look after their employees like in my day.”  This notion scared me, and I knew I would potentially have to be my own boss one day.  I’ve discovered that I don’t want spend this precious gift of life working towards someone else’s dreams.

I believe our purpose here can only be understood once we have considered what we value most in life.  Is it family?  Or perhaps your career?  Or is it merely accumulating cold, hard cash?  What we cherish most in our heart is how we determine our purpose.  One thing I have learned is that you cannot let others determine your destiny; this is a huge injustice to your one and only physical life.

One thing that has always baffled me was why so many people have a job that they hate.  They will say, “Well it’s a job!”, or “It pays the bills.”  Although I would gladly high-five anyone who gets out there and holds a job – this is not fair to you!  You’re literally going to spend half of your life working; do you want to be unhappy for half of your time here on earth??

I feel we will know when we’ve reached our purpose in life because we will feel complete bliss and a sense of fulfillment.  Do you hate your job?  Do you feel like a hampster that can’t get off the stupid, spinny-wheel thingy?  Do you worry that you’re running outta’ life and you know you haven’t accomplished much?  Do you want to know what your purpose is???  Then pick it!  That’s right.  Pick what you want to do!  Assess your skills (be honest and know your limitations!), set your goals, plan a plan, and go for it!  We only have one physical life to live (that I know about!?), so get out and do your thing.  Don’t go looking for your purpose, because it’s right there within you – and deep down, you know it!

Why I Used To Be RACIST

copsEARTH – In the wake of the recent tragedies in the U.S., I feel compelled to write a post.  We have heard so much about racially-motivated violence in the world, yet nothing seems to change.  There seems to be an eerie parallel between power, skin colour, and violence.   While I’m no history professor, I was, in fact, quite racially insensitive (that’s putting it nicely) for many years.  

Historically, us white people have built up quite the ego.  We have advanced with the use intelligence, innovation, and brute force  (let’s be honest here).  We had considered ourselves the superior race, and we were not ashamed to publicly admit it.   Take, for example, Hitler, Slavery, or Rodney King.  We had abused and neglected the existence of other races mainly due to ignorance, fear, and self-hate.   

When I was younger, I used to love ethnic jokes.  I used to love making people laugh, using learned stereotypes and inappropriate slang words.  I could have people falling over laughing, and this made me feel good.  So I would continue.  Although in my heart, soul, and body, I knew I didn’t have anything against blacks, asians, or indians.  This is why I felt justified in expressing myself as I pleased – I knew it was just a joke!  Personally, I had never had a bad experience with someone of a difference race, I just liked amusing people, I guess.   As I reached adulthood, I began to see that racism was an actual problem in society.  I also came to accept that if someone truly hates another person (whom hasn’t done anything to them) – they’re really expressing a weakness in themselves.  It’s very easy to take out your insecurities and inadequacies on someone else.

The notion of treating someone differently because of their skin colour seems disgusting.  I can think of a few reasons why someone may not like me – but for my skin colour ? Are you insane?!?  How about my actions?  One of the biggest problems is stereotypes.  But, who starts stereotypes?  I think if we can get to the root, we will begin making progress.  So, why would anyone dislike another because of their skin colour?  You can’t – it doesn’t make sense.  I believe what many, including myself, actually fear is unfamiliarity.  We don’t like when things are different.  I would be willing to bet that most “racists” grew up in regions with little cultural diversity.  

I believe when we are all truly happy and confident with ourselves, our accomplishments, and our purpose, we will begin to see positive change.  Police, citizens, and everyone else, you are no better than any other single human being with whom you are sharing this planet.  I have learned a lot about myself over the years, and I have discovered that hate is a disease.  I often wish we could all be blind-folded for a week.  Not only would it make things interesting on the freeways, but we wouldn’t judge people by the way they look.    

“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.”  Nikos Kazantzakis, Greek Writer

So, will racism ever end?  Unfortunately, I don’t think so.  We are always going to have to feel the need to prove ourselves better, or superior than someone else.  I wouldn’t say it’s in our nature to be inconsiderate of other races – but it is how we were conditioned, essentially.  I just hope people become less self-centered, and realize that, in the grand scheme of this bullish game of life – it’s not about you.  There is no ‘you’, in essence.  We are literally a community of energies dispersed among one another.

In ending, I would like to apologize for anything I have said over the years that wasn’t appropriate.  I have many friends of various races whom I deeply care about.  I know I had hated myself for many years, and I found putting down others to be a helpful way to make me feel better.  Very sad, indeed.    🙁

Many in our society have to get over their power-tripped egos, realize they are no better than any other human being (not even a homeless guy!), and learn to live together in harmony.  We all have different upbringings, beliefs, and feelings.  While you don’t have to like, love, or even give the time of day to another human being – you do have to respect them!  I have come to accept the word ‘respect’ as the most important word known to mankind.  


The BILLIONAIRE-Life Challenge: =O

trumpedLife is great, eh!  So much to experience in so little time.  Here’s your messed-up thought for the day:  what if someone disgustingly rich came to you with a strange, sick proposition:  “You will be rewarded with one billion dollars in exchange for…     …your LIFE!”.  In other words, they will pay you this ridiculous amount of cash, and all you have to do it let them strip you of your physical existence.  Would you do it??   I would, and here’s why…

We’re all gonna’ die one day, true?  I don’t want to go this soon, as there’s lots I’d still like to see and do.  I know I have a lot I want to accomplish in life, and I really want to be known for a worthwhile cause before I toss in my towel.  However, if I had a billion dollars, I could still reach many of my goals.  Sure, I wouldn’t be able to create physical art, or write any more.  But I could provide for my kids, nieces and nephews, other family, my charities, and the many, many people who have helped me along in this game of life.

When I mentioned this peculiar notion to my mom, her first response was:  “But how could you spend the money, if you were….dead?”  I chuckled, as I had obviously considered this.  I explained that I do, in fact, LOVE living, and LOVE this amazing life I have lived!  I have few regrets, and so much to be happy about.

Although I am only in my 30’s, I have lived a pretty complete life.  I’ve experienced so many amazing things in all of the main areas of life (Family, Career, Finances, Health, Spirituality, Social), and I am so grateful!  I have struggled much, but also persevered.  Many people would not give up their bus seat for others, let alone their lives.  But when it comes to supporting loved ones, wouldn’t you do this, too??

Some may say, “Well, I just don’t think you’re worth one billion dollars.” Well, sc*ew you, then.  Even the bank – I’m pretty sure the last time they told me my overall new worth, it wasn’t even close to this ginormous figure.  Honestly, I do not wish to die.  I have so much I want to accomplish in life, and I have more goals than I know what to do with.

So, I am throwing this out there.  If someone wants to make a deal, please contact me.  Please realize that I cannot accept a payment plan of any kind, and will need the money upfront.  Serious inquires only, please.  




What is NORMAL, anyway?

As the dictionary reveals, normal means “conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural.”  Does this sound like you?  Many strive to fit into society; we all strive to be accepted, and one way this is accomplished is by conforming to what we perceive to be “normal.”  Y’know, normal – like everyone else.

For much of my life, I have been told I am not normal (maybe not so bluntly).  I have been told that I am weird, unusual, different, unique, odd, and described as “marching to the beat of his own drum.”  I have also been called a strange cat.  Whatever.  Although they used to hurt my feelings, all of these descriptions make me proud to be me.  I don’t go out of my way to be different, it’s just the way I work, I suppose.

Many of the most successful people have achieved their dreams by being abnormal – stepping outside of the ordinary, and approaching something from a completely different angle.  Being normal will allow you to get by just fine, but if you want to truly soar – you’ve gotta’ be willing take some risky leaps.  Society could never flourish with a bunch of boring, normal people running the show.


Who Are you, really???

bftponderSo, who are you?  What are you here for? What’s your story?  How does one answer such basic, yet deep questions? There are so many elements that make up who you are, such as:  Name, DNA, birthplace, accomplishments, education, talents, physical, personality, age, gender, and occupation.  You may say, “Well, I’m John.  I’m a 40 year old Accountant from Florida.”  Well, that may be your name and what you do – but is it WHO you are?


Mother Theresa – A really good human being, selfless, and holy.

Jeffrey Dahmer – Murderer with some issues; blond hair.

Bill Gates – Computer guy with lots of money.

Babe Ruth – Baseball legend, drank and smoked.

Case in point:  WE are the ones who decide how we are known.  WE are the ones who make our own decisions, and WE are the ones in control of OUR lives!  We can define ourselves however we wish – what people call us, how we make a living, our hobbies, etc.  It’s what we value most that we ought to be known for, I believe.  Me???  I’m glad you asked.  Well, aside from being a Welder, Father, and Artist, I’m a random cluster of 98% positive energy, and a good person with some creative talents who lives to help others and make a true difference in this crumby world.  That’s me – that’s who I am.  I decided this.


Open Letter to my EX-BLog:


Dear Former Blog (TB):

I just can’t seem to get your outta’ my life.  We first met in 2013 when I began building you.  We had a rough start, didn’t communicate for a while, and then we went our separate ways.   Or so I thought.

About three years later, I started a new relationship with my current blog (BW).  In a way, I felt like I let you down, because I didn’t really develop you like I had hoped.  I just played it by ear, hoping I would become a successful blogger overnight.  But I ran into some technical issues, as well as personal.  I don’t really think of myself as a quitter, and I didn’t want to walk out on you.  I was hoping we would have received more communal help in our relationship, but few seemed willing.

I gave up – I can admit that now.  You really pi**ed me off, though.  Everyone out there had nice blogs, and I had you.  I know I’m not perfect, but you were just lame.  As your creator, I accept responsibility.  I hope that with my second and FINAL blog, BULLWITS, I can make this work.  I will never forget you.  I don’t want you to think it’s all bad memories with you, TB, just mostly.

With my new blog, I keep getting links back to you.  I have a different email address, but when I install Adsense (for instance), it  says I already have it installed on a blog (you!).  I have tried deleting you, and even contacting WordPress, but to no avail.  I need you out of my life for good!  Rest in Peace

(Kicked the) Bucket List

Having goals is a good thing.  Even if they are self-serving goals which will only benefit you and your desires, they’re still better than nothin’.

Many people have a bucket list:  things they wish to do before they “kick the bucket.”  This is a neat concept, as I applaud anyone who has hopes, dreams, and goals.  Having a bucket list gives us that little bit of hope where we can dream like a child, as we write out our deepest wishes to the universe.   Typically, most lists consist of some form of travel, pursuing a destined career path, launching a business, or some adrenaline-pumping activity (ie. Skydiving or cow-tipping).  

Seriously, take out a piece of paper and write down five things you wish to do (that you have never yet done) before you die.  Think about it. Don’t just write “I wanna’ see the pyramids and swim with whales!” Consider why your life needs each particular experience, and what it will add to your life.  

Now, consider this:  What if I were to tell you that you may not live to the expected 75 or 80 years old?  You, in fact, could pass on much sooner.  How would this alter the list you just composed?  Y’see where I’m going with this?   We all have things that we would love to experience before we leave this physical chapter.  But how important is it really?  If you were to die next week, zip lining above a majestic, Peruvian rainforest, running with the bulls, or scuba diving might not seem that important.  Your list would look more like:  1) Tell family you love them  2)  Take care of any loose ends  3)  Write a farewell note to the world.  

Case in point, don’t let your life be defined by external stimuli or the tangible trickery.  I have learned that life’s true joys are not even physical.  If what makes you happiest in life are the shallow (albeit exciting!) experiences, you should review your value scale.  What is it about life that you truly value?  Is it seeing the world, being rich, endless excitement and exotic dining?  Or does your purpose have more depth, as in bettering the earth or helping humanity?  Many people want their bucket lists to be filled with exciting things that few get to do in life.  But why? Bragging rights?  Personally, I’d feel much more complete accomplishing good things for mankind.

Too few are living their lives selflessly, only considering what they want for their own little, perfect life-experience.  The next time you consider your bucket list, think about what’s really important to you. While life is about the amazing experiences, the most worthwhile part are the relationships.  

Open Letter: Parking Spot Stealer

Toronto, Fairview Mall, 05-20-2016, 12:23pm:


Hey Parking Spot Stealer:  I’m Blaise.  You were at the mall around the same time I was.  I was waiting for the guy in the minivan to back out so I could park there.  I had my signal on, and I was there before you.  I was in the Grey Nissan Versa.  Just because you had easier access to this spot, doesn’t entitle you to it.  I was there first, yo’!  It’s even on camera if we really need to go that far.

I know I know little about you, and you know you know little about me.  I do recall you were a white man, about 40 years old, possibly of European descent (your arms were hairy!).  You looked panicked and stressed.  You also had a cowboy boot hanging from your mirror; not a real boot, but an ornament.  I shouldn’t be taking this personally, but I did.  I know everyone’s in such a rush these days – go, go, go, go, go! – but you can’t be doin’ sh*t like that, bud.  How do you know I’m not some crazy person, who’s gonna’ whip out a case of bull road rage on you?  Or get out and deflate your tires?  I won’t.  But you don’t know that.  If you had an emergency, you could have asked for the spot, and I would have given it to you.  Moral to this rant:  Don’t steal!!!!  

The National Lottery: Who’s really gettin’ played?


Are you playing the Lottery, – or is it playing you??  Many people, regardless of the odds, dish out much of their hard-earned money with the hopes of striking it BIG!  But, do you really think you’re going to WIN??  

I love playing the lottery.  Although not a big gambler, I do like to test out my luck when the lotteries are BIG.  I am not one of these people who say, “I know I’ll never win, it’s just fun to play!”  That’s just silly.  If you know – you truly believe – that you’re not going to win, they why not save that money?  Quit while you’re ahead, y’know?  But no, we continue to play.

So, are there any true ways you can actually increase your chances at even a small win?  While there are many people out there selling their secrets, there is really no secret at all.  It’s all very random, and it’s pretty much impossible to predict what the winning numbers will be.  Or is it?  

One thing that’s sparked my curiosity is how people win the lottery. Obviously, I know a ticket must be purchased.  But is there anything a person is doing to improve their luck, or is it all, in fact, just random?  I have heard of people praying, using charms, spells, potions, special birthdays/occasions, pendulums, and even Ouija!  But does it make a difference?  Do all of these tricks just make us feel lucky, or is there any truth to these supposed powers of the universe that respond to our thoughts, desires, and feelings?

I have been studying the Lotto numbers for some time, and although I still drive a 2008 Nissan Versa, I do know I will win big one day.  I have had this burning desire, and a deep knowing that I will strike it big!  I have developed strategies for picking good numbers, and I have managed to predict at least 4 out of 7 numbers consistently.

I have used affirmations, positive imagery/visualization, prayer and meditation.  I have explained to this giant Universe that I don’t even want the money for me, but rather to help others and begin my charity.  I have found the address of the Lotto prize centre, the representatives I will be meeting, the steps I will need to take once I claim my money, and even the size of that giant cheque they will give me.  Hek, I can even tell you that they use Air Wick Scented (Vanilla) plug-ins at the centre.  I have imagined meeting with the media, and what I will say.  Do I use my real name?  Should I disguise myself with a beard or accent?  Should I tell anyone?  Who will I share with?  They say chance favours the prepared mind.  Well, I’m ready!

Are you a lucky number guru, or do you opt for the quick-pick option?  I personally use both.  If you feel you have lucky numbers, then go ahead and play ’em!  Or if you’re feeling as if you want a higher power to select for you, then opt for a quick-pick!  “Either way, you are still choosing.” (Bashar)

The important thing to note with lotteries, is that you should only play if you believe you can win.  Even if the odds are 1 in 15 million…you do still have a chance.   Many lives have been crushed by gambling addiction, and I would never want to misguide anyone.  My biggest tips for selecting GOOD numbers:

  1.  Don’t pick all even or odd numbers.  Very rarely will they all be even or odd.

2)  Compare your selection with previous weeks (record past winning numbers!).  If 03-04-05 came up this week, they’re likely not going to come up again for a while.

3)  Balls get sticky.  Many winning numbers consist or two, three, even four consecutive numbers.  (About 50% of the time there is at least one set of consecutive numbers in any draw!)

4)  Budget!  Don’t ever spend more than you know you can afford.  Lottery tickets aren’t more important than your rent, car, or even morning coffee!  If you are behind on bills this week – take a few weeks off from playing the Lottery.  There will always be more money in the future for you to win!

Whatever you do, don’t go crazy over the Lottery.  Remember, it’s supposed to be FUN.  These games are designed to have you lose, while keeping your spirits high enough (we’ve all heard the ‘imagine the freedom’ advertisements!) so you can scrounge enough loose change to play again next week.  It’s not a bad thing to  throw your luck and a couple of bucks into this enormous pool.  Just be honest and realistic with your expectations.

Best wishes, and I sincerely hope everyone who reads this wins $1,000,000.00 very soon!


The Secret: Too Good to be TRUE?


About 5 years ago, my sister first introduced me to the ideas behind the well-known book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne.  The notion that “Thoughts become things” seemed not only ridiculous, but also impossible and incomprehensible.  I thought it was wrong how the book seemed to be giving false hopes to people who were already in some way vulnerable.  However, I started to read her book.

Is it possible that our thoughts have so much power that they’re responsible for everything that has happened, is currently happening, and will happen in the future?  For most “average” people like myself, we know very little about what thoughts actually are, where they come from, and what they mean.  Highly skeptical after reading The Secret many times, I decided I was just being negative.  Having wanted to know why I, personally, have thought so many of the same exhausting, draining thoughts day after day for most of my life, is why I decided not to burn my sister’s stupid book.

I set out on a bit of a personal quest.  No, not in search of God, or my purpose/destiny, or my ideal lover.  I wanted to see if there was any truth to all of this Law of Attraction bull.  Although I find it very interesting, I’m not gonna’ preach it until I have seen that it works.   I’ve got plenty of bad habits and years of self-doubt, so I think I’d be a lovely candidate.

While it’s common sense that one should always think and behave positively, it’s not a perfect world!  I would love to be able wave and smile when an  elder cuts me off in traffic.  In reality, however, most will at least give a dirty look and/or a few very, very bad words.  Treating unfortunate things (getting cut off by an old dude!) with more bad things (being aggressive and road ragey) is setting you up for…

…if you said MORE BAD THINGS, you’re a genius!  So, while there are some vague truths to The Secret, please realize you can’t think much into your life without doing something.   Also, the only thing you can attract with thoughts, are thoughts similar to that which you are thinking.  Having done a few tests, I have seen a huge parallel between thinking good thoughts, and feelings really good on the inside and out (when the reality didn’t change!).  I don’t know how to explain it all, yet.

Part of this blog’s purpose is to be able to convey many of the teachings within The Secret, (as well as hundreds of other Self-Help/Personal Growth books!) in a realistic, comprehensible, light-hearted manner.