Is it possible to be TOO creative?

Do you consider yourself a creative soul?  Is your mind constantly flooded with ideas for projects?  Do you have more ideas coming in than you know what to do with?  If so, then you’re a lot like me.

Before beginning this blog, I had send inquiries to other established artists.  I would explain to them, “Unlike many artist’s whom are stuck, I have too many ideas!”  I was told I needed to focus; either do the portraits, the greeting cards, the articles, or the comics.  But I wanna’ do it all!  Is that bad? I don’t know where my brain is even getting all of these big, juicy ideas from, but I can’t jot ’em down fast enough!  I don’t want to cut myself short of what I can do, basically.

While I understand the importance of focusing – I don’t want to set other projects on the back burner.  After listing all of my dreams and goals, I was told by a well-known cartoonist:  “My friend, you have just outline enough work to keep you busy for three lifetimes.  You need to pick what you’re best at, and go with it.  Focus on your strengths.”  I do appreciate this/any/all feedback, but I think I’m gonna’ have to go with my heart on this one.  I know being too creative isn’t a bad thing; many would consider it a blessing.  However, as long as it doesn’t get overwhelming to the point where  I need to take medication or hire a Life Coach, I should be ok, right?  Thanks a lot for listening to this Bull.


Who’s Actually Happy with their LIFE???

You look around in this busy world, and you don’t seem to see a lotta’ happy people anymore.  Everyone seems to have their head buried in a device or two; few make eye-contact anymore, and everyone just seems so damn busy all of the time!   So many people, I think, pretend that they’re happy, but you know what?  They’re actually miserable pieces of sh*t!  *WHISPERING*  

Seriously, I think many would agree.  You drive a Lambo?  You must be so successful!  Your mortgage is $3000 a month???  Wow – you must be doing everything right!  Your wife left you?  Eeee!  Your kids disowned you?  Ouch!!  You have a terminal illness?  Ayyee!  But you seem so happy all of the time?  Ok, I’m sorry, I didn’t know!

Few are too ashamed to admit that they’re unhappy with any part of their lives.  Even me, when I used to not only hate life, but hated MYSELF equally, I would always offer a smile and a friendly “Hello!”  Or, next time you’re feeling like hell, and your neighbour or coworker asks, “How are you today?” answer truthfully!  But most don’t.  Really, who’s gonna’ confess: “Well I’m worried my wife might leave me, and I have a lump in my  armpit that’s got me concerned.  But I am alive.  So I guess I’m doing very well.  Thanks for asking.”   I think so many of us don’t express our true emotions, wasting valuable time hiding behind our fears and insecurities.  So we just say the common reply:  “I’m good, how are you?” when really, you don’t give a flyin’ hoot about how that particular person is; it has just become an automatic habit to mimic the gesture of asking.

There are so many factors that affect one’s happiness, and appreciation of life’s opportunities.  You could be unemployed, having experienced a tragic loss, feeling overwhelmed with life, have a physical disability, or have  a chemical imbalance.   I hate when you hear people say, “Happiness is a Choice!”  While it may be for some, it may not be for others!  You think people would choose to be depressed, or have low self-esteem?  My dog just died – happiness may not be on the frickin’ agenda for today.   Happiness is, in fact, not always a choice.  Having said that, I do believe it is possible to alter the way you feel, by shifting that which you focus on.  It’s just not realistic to be happy all of the time, nor is it possible.


The Bull has been Born – Notify the AUTHORITIES!!!

My first blog post, wow.  What a moment.  I have been puttin’ this off for many years.  I’m actually crying.  lol  Special holla’ out to all of the people – many of them strangers to me – who helped and encouraged me to stop procrastinating, making excuses, and just get this blog rollin’ already! Holy Jumpin’!  While much of my hesitation in beginning to blog had to do with my lack of technical expertise, people kept pushing me to just go for it!  I did!  I’ll be honest, it was much harder than I’d expected; I wanted to throw my laptop and have a drink at 10 this morning.  😛  But I got through it.  Thank you, all!   (I didn’t get through the drink)